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Explore the Idea of Heart Tattoos With Names to Convey Your Love

Heart Tattoos with Names
Heart tattoos with names are a great way of expressing your love, devotion, and sacrifice. There are numerous ways in which you can design these tattoos, limited only by your imagination.
Kritika Parwani
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Woman with back tattoo
Heart tattoo for mother
The combination of heart tattoos with names began in the early part of the twentieth century when sailors started inking hearts with the word 'mom' in the center. After the World War II, soldiers started wearing heart tattoos with names of their girlfriends or wives. Earlier, these tattoos were called heart tattoos with banners.
In the recent years, heart tattoos with banners across them, or with names around them have become a rage. People get them done to show how important their loved ones are to them. Getting a heart tattoo with your child's, wife's, parent's, or even your girlfriend's name in the banner is very touching and emotionally moving to the person whose name is in your tattoo. The best thing about heart-shaped tattoos is that they never go out of fashion. There is a vast scope for designing and styling heart-shaped tattoos.
Designer Hearts
Heart tattoo for loved ones
Heart tattoo for loved ones
Heart tattoo for loved ones
Heart tattoo for loved ones
Heart tattoos, being versatile, can be designed in numerous ways. They can be inked in a simple, symmetrical heart shape, or may feature a cupid, lovebirds, or exotic flowers. Some people even get heart tattoos with colorful ladybug tattoos on their feet! There are thousands of different heart tattoos to choose from, depending on your taste and personality.
Tribal Heart Tattoos
Tribal heart tattoo for loved ones
Tribal heart tattoos with names are very popular. Heart tattoos are usually a feminine design, but if you go in for a tribal design for your heart tattoo, you could make it look bold and macho. The beauty of tribal designs is that you can have bold designs as well as delicate and intricate filigree in your tattoo. They can be elaborate or simple, depending on your personality.
Tribal heart tattoo for loved ones
Normally, tribal tattoos do not have banners where you can ink in the name, but these tattoos can be designed in such a way that you can put names in the tattoo; all you have to do is choose a tribal style font and you are set with your design.
Tribal heart tattoo for loved ones
Although tribal heart tattoos look good on any body part, the best option would be the chest or back, if you want a large tattoo. Women may want a delicate feminine tattoo, which would look perfect on the ankle, wrist, or rib cage. Lower back tattoos though, are currently a huge rage among women, so you could have it inked there.
Celtic Heart Tattoos
celtic heart tattoo for loved ones
Celtic heart tattoos are associated with the union of two souls and are also called love knot tattoos. In ancient times, soulmates used to get identical love knots inked on their backs or arms with their lover's names embedded in it. Modern Celtic designs have a similar ideology, but they can also have the names of parents, friends, siblings, etc. These tattoos look marvelous on the forearm, upper arm, biceps, shoulders, and upper back due to their intricate designs.
Heart with a Star
heart tattoos with stars for loved ones
Heart tattoos combined with stars symbolize happiness and pleasing opportunities. These designs are usually preferred by girls, but nowadays, there are numerous men who also sport this design.

You can play around with the shape, size, and color, depending on the body part on which you want your tattoo. You can sport these tattoos on your shoulders, back, neck, chest, buttocks, feet, wrists, etc.
Broken Heart Tattoos
Realistic Heart Icon
Realistic Heart Icon
Realistic Heart Icon
Broken heart tattoos symbolize the loss of a loved one, tragedy in life, or a breakup. There are numerous reasons why people get these tattoos etched. These tattoos can be a reminder of a lost love, death of a pet, relative, parent, friend, or transition from a very emotional stage in life. Broken heart tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body. Usually, these tattoos carry someone's name in them as this is quite a personal tattoo.
Heart Tattoo with Wings
heart tattoos with wings for loved ones
Winged tattoos symbolize freedom, free spirit, newfound love, feeling of independence, etc. These tattoos look best in red (for the heart) and blue (for the wings), but people also get black-and-white tattoos done. You can add halos or crowns to your design, for both men and women. These tattoos look amazing on the upper back and shoulders. However, people also get them done on their lower back and feet.
Heart with a Pierced Arrow
pierced heart tattoos for loved ones
Heartache is the primary reason for having a pierced heart tattoo. This can be caused due to a lost love or love that has betrayed you. Although the meaning of this tattoo is sadness and sorrow of lost love, it can also mean the pleasant sting of love, thus giving this tattoo a positive meaning to it. This design can be customized in various ways. It looks good anywhere on the body, but usually, people get it done on a part that is not visible to others, as this tattoo design is very personal.
Most people who go in for heart tattoos with names always use different fonts, tattoo lettering styles, and designs to make it unique and special. There are infinite choices for heart tattoo designs. Whether you want a large, flaming, sacred heart with thorns, or a small tribal broken heart, these tattoos will always make a bold statement of passion, emotion, and spirit.

Heart tattoos with names are eloquent and expressive tattoo images. Hence, they are very popular, despite the fact that they are sometimes considered cheesy or overly sentimental. Please remember to look after your tattoo well by protecting it from the sun. Make sure to look at various designs before you decide on the one you want, and do not forget to flaunt your tattoo with pride.