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Arm Tattoos for Guys

Arm Tattoos for Guys
Arm tattoos are some of the most popular choices that men go in for. In this following ThoughtfulTattoos article, we will look into some arm tattoos designs that men can choose from, as well as learn the importance of right placement for these.
Rahul Thadani
"Tattoos are a permanent commitment of passion."
 ― Tawny Lara
Tattoos have been a very popular medium of expression for both, men and women all over the world. With the advent of the Internet and an increase of lifestyle viewings on television, the practice of etching a tattoo has become even more popular. Add to that the number of celebrities and famous personalities sporting tattoos, and there is no question about why its prominence has risen manifold. Given that they have widespread visibility today, more and more people are opting to get one. But getting a tattoo is more than just making a fashion statement. In most cases, the individual has a personal connection with the tattoo and the design signifies something in their life. Which is why, permanently inking a design on your body requires you to have a personal connection with your tattoo and a commitment of really wanting the tattoo in the first place.
Which then leads us to the topic on hand, arm tattoos for men. That is what we will be focusing on in this ThoughtfulTattoos article. In the following sections, we will get into the details about the kind of tattoos that guys can get on their arms, and the placement of the same.
The Factors for Choosing
The impact of a tattoo design greatly depends on the position of the tattoo on your body. Some people prefer to get a tattoo in a place that will not be visible to one and all, whereas others choose to openly flaunt their tattoo designs. It's a matter of personal choice at the end of the day. There are no fixed notions about which place is good to get a tattoo, and which place is not. That being said, the arm is definitely one of the most popular places where guys prefer to etch their tattoos.
The most advantageous factor that helps in the decision-making process is the convenience of hiding or displaying the tattoo as and when you please. Simply wearing a long-sleeved shirt will cover up the tattoo if it is unsuitable for a particular situation. Similarly, wearing a short sleeved or a sleeveless shirt will allow you to flaunt the tattoo just as easily. Another major advantage of arm tattoos is that the pain experienced while getting a tattoo on the arm is comparatively lesser than many other body parts because of the large amount of muscle mass on the arm.
Placement on the Arm
In the broad sense, the arms offer for a wide area that stretches from the shoulder to the wrist, both inside and out. Which is why, the options that it offers for etchings are tremendous. Let us look into the kind of placements that can be carried forth with this tattoo form.
Sleeve Tattoo
A series of tattoos covering the entire arm
A series of tattoos covering the entire arm
The sleeve tattoo or the full arm tattoo is one that stretches from the shoulder till the wrist and covers almost the entire arm. Some may stop inches before the wrist and others may begin a little under the shoulder, but, all in all, it covers the entire length of the arm. Most men prefer to use an intricate design that carries forth one theme through this region, whereas others use a combination of different designs to weave into one final design.
Upper Arm Tattoos
Tattoo covering the outer bicep on upper arm
Tattoo covering the outer bicep on upper arm
Upper arm tattoos, in all probability, are the most popular choices for getting an arm tattoo.
Tattoo covering the inner bicep on upper arm
Tattoo covering the inner bicep on upper arm
Not only does it allow the inner and outer biceps for etching, but also offers exclusive etchings on the shoulder and the elbow as well.
Forearm Tattoo
Tattoo covering the outer portion of the forearm
Tattoo covering the outer portion of the forearm
Forearm tattoos can vary immensely in size and design.
Tattoo covering the inner portion of the forearm
Tattoo covering the inner portion of the forearm
These tattoos can be divided into either inner forearm tattoos or outer forearm tattoos. Which again leaves for several choices that can be carried forth in both these areas.
Popular Arm Tattoos Designs
collage for tattoo designs
key and arrow designs collage for tattoos
The varieties that are available for tattoo designs are endless. There is a multitude of designs that you can choose from, or you can even come up with a design by yourself. The imagination and the skill of the tattoo artist also plays a major part in the novelty of tattoo designs. You can even design your own tattoo. Here are a few designs that can be made use of while getting arm tattoos for guys.

  • Arrow Tattoos
  • Animal Prints
  • Tribal Tattoos
  • Aztec Designs
  • Polynesian Designs
  • Shooting Stars
  • Chinese Symbols
  • Mythical Creatures
  • Word Tattoos
  • Celtic Designs
  • Japanese Art
  • Zodiac Tattoos

P.S.The tattoo designs featured in the earlier sections can be used as inspiration for the tattoo design as well.
And now that you have a detailed idea of the kind of tattoo to choose and the right placement of the same, you can go ahead and not only pick the best design, but also a place that will enhance the tattoo further.
Dog tattoo silhouette
Angry bear animal tattoo
Chinese Tiger
Nose Stall with Grab
Brown Bear Illustration
Tiger Head Mascot Tattoo
Fire ornate monkey head
Ram head with banner
Monkey smoking tattoo
Chinese Snake Sign
Man doing yoga in studio