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Foot Tattoo Care

Foot Tattoo Care
Caring for a foot tattoo requires patience along with accurate instructions. If you want to or already have a tattoo on your foot but don't know how to maintain its beauty, then read the following article for some important tips...
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Tattoos on feet look very striking, especially the one peeping out from the shoes. The most common designs chosen are flowers, butterflies, stars, and tribal tattoos. When a foot tattoo is inked over the bone, it will hurt more and if it's on a fleshy part of your body, it will hurt a little less. Generally, it takes about a fortnight for such a tattoo to heal optimally. But, no matter which design you go with, it is essential to take proper care of your tattoo. Which is why, we've provided a few aftercare instructions for you to read and implement.
Instructions to Follow
  • The healing time for a foot tattoo is around 2 to 3 weeks. You need to make sure that your tattoo doesn't touch or rub against your clothes (socks, jeans, and pants) and shoes; you'll have to wear flip flops/open shoes for a little while.
  • There are greater chances of ink spreading over your skin, over a period of time. This blurs the design. Be prepared to go back to the artist and have it re-inked, if required.
  • These tattoos are prone to infection if they don't heal completely. Don't walk around barefoot all the time, apply lotion or whichever ointment the tattoo artist has recommended at proper intervals, and keep the tattoo clean.
  • To clean your feet and the area around the tattoo, bathe your feet in warm water and wash with a mild soap. While drying, dab them with a towel, don't rub.
  • Keep the tattoo moist by using the ointment as suggested by your tattoo artist so as to avoid unnecessary scabbing. Don't make it too moist as the colors might bleed due to this.
  • Keep your trousers rolled up if they are touching the tattoo.
  • Don't go for swimming until your tattoo has completely healed. This is because the chlorine or other chemicals present in the pool may infect you fresh tattoo.
  • Summer is the best time to get a foot tattoo as you need to keep away your shoes as much as possible. Even though it is advised that you get your tattoo done during summers, make sure that you keep the tattooed area as far away from the sun as practicable. This is primarily because there exists a high probability that the sun will irritate the already ginger skin further and cause more troubles for you.
  • Find a licensed tattoo artist who has a considerable amount of experience doing foot tattoos. He/she can give perfect advice for tattoo aftercare.
  • Taking a couple of days off work will be the best option post getting a foot tattoo done because the pain does cause some difficulty in walking or while doing other general movement of the foot. Driving is also a strict NO-NO if the tattoo is on your right foot.
Although foot tattoos need a lot of after care, they are definitely something that a tattoo lover can't avoid. Moreover, they are very easy to hide, especially if you work in a place where tattoos are not accepted. So if you are ready to follow the instructions mentioned in the article, then why not opt for the most striking and exotic foot tattoos!
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