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Lose the Fear! Here are the Least Painful Places to Get a Tattoo

Least Painful Place to Get a Tattoo
Though there is no one-word answer to this question, certain areas of the body like the arm, waist or calves can be tattooed with lesser amount of pain.
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
The least painful place you can get a tattoo is an area where there is enough fat and muscles underneath the skin. The more fat you have, the better.
The effect of a great tattoo is never complete unless its positioning is perfect. You may have the best design in mind, and it may mean a lot to you, but if you end up getting it inked in the wrong place, you will end up feeling disappointed. The place where you get your tattoo done is important not only because of its visibility and accessibility, but also because of the amount of pain it causes. And if you have a low threshold towards pain but are really keen on getting a tattoo, perhaps the following information can help you.
Suitable Places for a Tattoo
Upper Arm
upper arm tattoo
Upper Arm tattoos look fantastic and don't necessarily hurt a lot. If you have good amount of muscles in this area and you wish to get a tattoo inked, your upper arm is the best bet. Not just a popular choice for guys, but even girls are getting inked on their upper arms. The choice of designs, size, and colors will definitely make your tattoo elaborate and attractive. The pain level will be close to a 7. Advantages of this tattoo is that you can hide them at work and flaunt them at the beach!
forearm tattoos
The forearm is an area that is ticklish for most people. Any area that is ticklish will hurt more than other areas. As a result, some people may feel extreme pain while getting their forearm tattooed whereas other people may experience moderate pain. Again, the whole ordeal depends more on the person's pain tolerance levels. You can opt for intricate designs that have extensive detailing as this area gives you enough space to play around in as the pain level will be around 6.
Inner Arm
inner arm tattoo
Your inner arm has enough thickness that can accommodate a tattoo quite easily. There's not much to worry about with pain because there will be fat underneath and no bone will be directly beneath it. The pain level will be close to a 7. As for the choices in designs, you will have to be very careful because this area can stretch, increase in size, overtime. Since the muscles develop, due to exercise or weight gain/loss, the chances of your tattoo stretching is also a possibility.
waist tattoos
The ribs are not a very good option to get a tattoo inked on because of the bones. However, if you do fancy a tattoo close to your ribs, your waist is the next feasible option. In this area, you get a bigger space to ink the tattoo; which means, the image and design can be extensive and flamboyant. You can take the time required for such elaborate tattoos and not worry about the pain as well. The pain level will be less, close to 6 or 7, and you'll have a fabulous tattoo in the end to brag.
hip tattoo
Women are more prone to get tattoos inked on their hips. This is a sexy place to have a tattoo, especially colored tattoos and the pain level will be close to 7 or 8. Your hips have enough fat to cushion the blow or pain of getting the tattoo. The designs, again, will vary from individual to individual, and also the detailing. Although the skin here is sensitive to any kind of touch, the entire session(s) will be easier to handle.
thigh tattoo
Our thighs have enough fat and muscles which helps in cushioning the pain of getting tattoos. However, this area will be an issue for those who have thinner thighs. Your outer thigh area will give you a greater chance to take the pain whereas the inner thigh area will be more sensitive. The reason is - the roots of your nerves. Although, if you workout and have toned thighs, this won't be an issue for you. So for thigh tattoos, the pain level will be anywhere between 6 to 7.
Getting inked on your calf muscle doesn't hurt a lot. I'd say that the pain level will be anywhere around a 6. Men and women, both can get tattoos inked on their calves because it looks hot, sexy, and desirable. Since there can't be much space to work around, you will need to find designs that will suit your calf, its built, and structure. Whether you want to make use of colors in your tattoo or wish to keep it black and white, the choice is yours.
It is also important to remember that sometimes excessive pain can be caused by the recklessness of the tattoo artist as well. If he/she applies excessive pressure or is heavy-handed, you may experience unnecessary discomfort, even if the region getting tattooed is not that sensitive. This is one of the most common causes of pain while getting tattooed, and it will simultaneously affect the appearance of your tattoo eventually as well. Please note that tattoos will hurt to some extent, no matter where you get them. You may constantly hear people say that it does not hurt and it only stings mildly. The needles are piercing till the 3rd layer of your skin.

All in all, the level of pain experienced by a person will depend entirely on the pain threshold of that person. Some areas will hurt more for some individuals, and those same areas would not hurt at all for other individuals. The skill of the tattoo artist also plays a major role in the amount of pain experienced.
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