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Amazing Family Tree Tattoos to Keep Your Loved Ones Close

Family Tree Tattoos
Tattooing is a nice way of preserving information about the family which stays with you permanently in the form of body art. So, go ahead and get one drawn on your body.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
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Did You Know?
Today, the longest family tree is that of the famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius. This family tree, as reported by the 'China Daily', incorporates over 2 million members of Confucius's family.
Family tree tattooing is a type of body art in which names of family members are etched on the body. Such kind of tattoos incorporate a variety of designs of trees with names of family members etched at the tips of branches.
One should look for a good artist with enough experience for such kind of tattooing. These tattoos, owing to their intricate designs, require a lot of time for drawing. The designs used for such kind of tattoos can have a lot of variations. Different patterns of leaves, branches, etc. offer a great variety to these designs.
Ideas for Family Tree Tattoos
Creating a tattoo design by drawing branches with each of them representing a member of the family.
In this tattoo style, tip of the branches can be modified into human faces.
name plates
In this design, branches of trees are modified to create circular and rectangular shapes in which the names of family members can be etched.
Family trees are a representation of genealogical data of a family. They can be presented in different forms like ancestral charts, tree diagrams, etc. Generally, tattooing is a practice that one resorts to just for fun. However, for some, etching family tattoos on the body is their way of displaying love for the family.
The family tree images are known for their detailed representation of all the members of the family. Therefore, tattoos which incorporate family tree designs require enough space for drawing them. The back, shoulders and arms are the parts of the body where these tattoos can be easily etched.
bonsai tree
The designs of bonsai and other similar trees are used for graphical representation of information on one's family genealogy.
Names of family members can be etched on leaf-like shapes, at the tips of branches. This practice of etching offers a natural look to the tattoo designs.
One can use tribal tattoo designs to represent family trees. In such type of designs, faces of family members are etched with branches in the background.
You can try a design where tree tattoo with a completely black background can be drawn. The plain black color looks cool and the names of family members can be highlighted properly. Colorful tattoos need more time for completion and also require great drawing skills.
The family tree tattoos incorporate designs of trees that are portrayed in full-leaf form. Designs of trees can also be tattooed along with that of flowers.
Names of family members can be drawn in a stylized and ornate fashion.
Celtic Family Tree Tattoos
These tattoos are a bit different from the ones that are regularly used for tattooing. Those who are familiar with Celtic designs would know that their designs are characterized by endless loops or knots. This feature of Celtic designs is also reflected in family tree designs of tattoos. A typical Celtic tattoo incorporates designs in the form of branches and entangled roots. Such tattoos generally possess a circular shape with branches and roots connected to each other.