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Sagittarius Tattoos for Girls

Sagittarius Tattoos for Girls
If you're a Sagittarian woman who wishes to get inked for life, there is nothing better than getting a tattoo of your zodiac sign. Don't be too hasty while choosing a design, and go in for a Sagittarius tattoo meant specifically for girls.
Rohini Mohan
Sagittarius is the centaur who is, according to Greek mythology, a powerful amalgamation of half man and half horse. He is believed to be Chiron, the son of Philyra, and Saturn. He is represented as the archer because the constellations together look like a centaur drawing his bow ahead of him.
While the Babylonians depicted the Sagittarius as a half man half horse god, who is believed to be the son of the god Plablisag. Their centaur has wings, a scorpion's stinger as the tip of its horse's tail, and two heads. One head represented a panther while the other was of a human. Considered as a fire sign Sagittarius are believed to be strong-willed, philosophical, and extrovert. This sun sign is born between November 23rd and December 21st.
Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas
The Sagittarius Glyph
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Girls who do not prefer elaborate tattoos or those who have a limited budget can go in for a simple tattoo design which shows the Sagittarius zodiac glyph of the extended arrow.
This delicate symbol can be etched on to equally delicate parts of the body such as the nape of the neck, the wrist, the ankle bone, or the center of the upper back, or lower back. There are patterns which can be used for decorating the symbol, by creating intricate designs within the symbol's boundaries or by writing texts within or around the symbol.
The Centaur
Sagittarius zodiac sign
You can have a tattoo depicting the epic centaur wielding his bow and arrow, while its great wings flare out into the wind. This tattoo must be substantially bigger and must be drawn on parts where the contours of the tattoo can be clearly made out. Places such as the entire back or on one side of the waist.
Stylised Centaur Archer
If you wish, you can also get it tattooed on the back of your calf muscle as well. Make sure that the tattoo artist understands how you want your Sagittarius tattoo to look. Which is why you must make it clear how you want the shading and coloring to look. If you wish you can even get a female centaur drawn. As this will make a unique tattoo and will be completely you.
The Arrow of Fate
Sagittarius zodiac sign
You can also opt for the centaur's bow and arrow and work the tattoo design around it. This is a great idea as it keeps the message clear that you're a Sagittarius and it also allows the tattoo to be decorated. You can opt for tribal Aztec designs to fill up the insides of the bow, while filling the arrow completely with black ink. Or you could go in for a more Gothic design and make a bow and arrow so that it looks like it has been made using barbed wires.
Tattoo Fonts
You can get the word Sagittarius etched on to your skin using fonts which are elaborate, ancient and attractive. Even Gothic fonts look brilliant when worn on the arm, the chest, neck, or feet. You can choose a font of your liking from online websites which are dedicated solely to tattoo fonts and provide stencils. Or you can ask your tattoo artist to show you some of his favorite fonts and see if you fall in love with any.
And the Stars are All Here
You can have a very colorful tattoo showing a centaur rushing through the clouds, while the stars above him glisten big and bright. Girls have always loved the mythical as well as mysterious representation of stars, so you can go ahead and add as many as you wish around your Sagittarius glyph or font.
You can ask your tattoo artist to create a completely new tattoo design for you or you could let him know which design caught your interest the most. Just make sure you like the idea beforehand, because you will have the tattoo for a long time to come.