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Rib Cage Tattoos for Men That are Earth-shatteringly Amazing

Rib Cage Tattoos for Men
If you're searching for bigger, bolder rib cage tattoos for men, then your search ends here. Read the following article for fantastic design ideas for your tattoo...
Mayuri Kulkarni
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Quick Fact!
When you look at a tattoo, it may seem as if the design is on the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis). However, that isn't the case. A tattoo, in fact, is in the second layer of the skin (dermis). Hence, a laser surgery is required to remove a tattoo.
Getting a rib cage tattoo needs commitment, confidence, and desire. Plus, the only way a tattoo on your ribs will serve its purpose is because of a fantastic design. Whenever we wish to get a tattoo, it's always the design that brings us to a question mark. Of course, not everyone faces such issues and are pretty confident in what they want to get inked. However, if you are on the other side of the fence and require some motivation or inspiration for your tattoo, we might be of some assistance. In this article, we have provided suggestions on rib cage tattoos for men. Go through the designs and find the one that catches your eye.
Tattoo Designs to Choose From
Before you select a design, know this - you don't necessarily have to select any of the following designs as they are. The most important part of getting a tattoo is versatility. Introduce your creativity (or your tattoo artist's) and enhance the design you've selected to project your own personality.
Animal Tattoos
If you're unsure as to which design to choose, go with an animal tattoo. It can be big, bold, and capture the essence of what you're trying to convey through the tattoo. Plus, you won't have to keep searching about what your tattoo means. Each animal has unique characteristics that us humans can somehow relate at certain levels.
Elephant Tattoo
Tiger Tattoo
Spider Tattoo
Biker Tattoos
Men (and some women) are fascinated with motorbikes. So why not combine your passion for rugged bikes with tattoos. The designs mentioned above are very detail-oriented and will require more than one seating to finish. Of course, you can easily alter the design and create one that suits your taste.
Biker Tattoo 1
Biker Tattoo 2
Cross Tattoos
Cross tattoos may or may not signify religious beliefs. Every tattoo has its own story and journey that only the wearer can narrate. This applies to cross designs as well since it can portray a range of emotions. There are many other elements that can be added to a cross such as flowers, thorns, names, dates, hearts, etc.
Cross Tattoo 1
Grim Reaper Tattoos
Now these designs are self-explanatory. A symbol of death, the Grim Reaper tattoo always has a sharp scythe which is used to separate a human soul from his/her body. There can be countless reasons why someone would choose this as his tattoo. We are not here to judge; just provide ideas.
Grim Reaper Tattoo 1
Grim Reaper Tattoo 2
Religious Tattoos
Religion plays a huge role in many individuals' lives. Depending on which religion you believe in and follow, a significant design should be chosen. There are many cultures and religions in the world. Hence, the choices will vary from person to person.
Buddha Tattoo
Jesus Tattoo
Skull Tattoos
Skull tattoos can be looked in a positive or negative light - depending on a person's beliefs. There are literally hundreds of designs you can choose from for this tattoo. A skull design can represent protection, death, power, darkness, strength, overpowering death and/or rough times, or even loss of a loved one.
Skull Tattoo 1
Skull Tattoo 2
Spider Web Tattoos
Although a spider web tattoo is associated with the skinheads, including this design for a rib tattoo has nothing to do with it. First off, the skinheads used to get spider web tattoos on their elbows. But since we are mentioning the design to be inked on your ribs, the meaning does change automatically and doesn't symbolize with the skinheads.
Spider Web Tattoo 1
Spider Web Tattoo 2
Tree Tattoos
Tree tattoos require enough space so that the design can be inked with all the intricate details required. Which is why, getting this tattoo inked on your rib cage is ideal. The artist has more room to experiment with the design and you can really show off the tattoo once it's complete.
Tree Tattoo 1
Tree Tattoo 2
Depending on the size of the tattoo, your tattoo artist may choose to complete the tattoo in one seating (very rare) or divide the work into several sessions (highly possible). The intricate details of a design, the colors (if you've selected any), and the completion of the design, all depends the artist. So consult with an experienced tattoo artist for a breathtaking rib cage tattoo.
Tattooed Body
Fighter man with tattoo
Handsome fit athletic in shirtless
Tiger red icon
Black Elephant Tattoo
Muscular tattooed man with hat
Angry gorilla head
Aggressive bear illustration
Tattoos on man stomach
Horse tattoo on rib side