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Plumeria Tattoo

Plumeria Tattoo
Plumeria is one of the most beautiful tattoo designs that looks attractive, especially on women. The article provides a brief information on the meanings, designs, and placement of this design.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Plumeria tattoos have originated from the plumeria flowers, which are found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. This is popular flower body art that goes well on any part of the body. With a wide scope of using different colors, these make some of the best feminine designs. Before moving on to know more about these designs, let us take a look at the significance of this flower with respect to the meaning associated with it.
Plumeria flowers can be found in 8 different varieties having different colors and shapes. These flowers are grown in Hawaiian islands for business purposes, and body art of this design is a part of the Hawaiian culture. Other than Hawaiian, these designs are also linked with other cultures, like Polynesian and Mayan. Hawaiian islands are blessed with natural beauty and hence, the Hawaiians always worship every form of nature, including this God's gift. Orchid, hibiscus, and plumeria are some of the most significant flowers found on Hawaiian islands. The natives consider plumeria to symbolize life, birth, and spring. The Mayan culture also is believed to have great importance of plumeria flowers. It is said that Mayans considered this flower to be the symbol of proliferation of life on Earth. So, with this discussion, we can conclude that these designs symbolize wisdom, beauty, and life.
Designs and Placement
Plumeria are some of the most versatile designs due to a large variety of designs and colors, and the fact that their placement can never go wrong. These tattoos can be sculpted with various colors, and the flower size and shape have no restriction. Moreover, these can be easily combined with other designs to form some incredible patterns. You can also make a combination of this flower with other natural elements, like birds, dolphins, and even with other flowers. The number of plumerias that can be included in a tattoo is not fixed. One can go for a single large body art or a group of plumeria flowers. These designs provide an opportunity of using a wide array of colors. One can use natural colors of these flowers or use his/her favorite colors. As discussed earlier, they are more popular among women due to their feminine touch. Men usually opt for a tribal design combination with a plumeria tattoo.
These designs are also flexible with respect to their placement on the human body, which can be decided depending on the type of design. Unique design ideas with rare placements can be formed with plumeria flowers. One can go for a plumeria bracelet tattoo on the wrist or on the ankle. Else, one can go get one on the arms, hips, lower back, or feet.
Plumeria tattoos can be carved with intricate elegant designs, and hence, their popularity is increasing day by day. They are very beautiful as well as peculiar, and the best part is that you can make your own choices when it comes to the design and the colors used.
Dotted Plumeria in black with decorative lace isolated on white.
The cute Rose on white background