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You Gotta See These Amazingly Realistic Iris Flower Tattoo Ideas

Iris Flower Tattoo
Are you planning to get an Iris tattoo? Before doing so, understand the meaning of an Iris flower. In fact, there are several interesting facts about the symbolism of this flower tattoo. There are numerous design ideas as well.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Flowers are one of the many beautiful things that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. Women have adorned themselves with beautiful flowers for ages and continue to do so in a variety of ways. You would have come across many young girls and women flaunting flower tattoos. When it comes to tattoos for women, floral designs never seem to go out of fashion. Women's preference for these tattoos is no secret.
Flower tattoo designs are popular because of their versatility. Moreover, these tattoos look beautiful, vibrant and feminine. Rose, hibiscus, lily, cherry blossom, orchids and chrysanthemum are some of the tattoos that a majority of women opt for.
There are many other designs that are becoming increasingly popular due to their symbolism. While there would be many who would get a tattoo simply for making a fashion statement, there are many tattoo lovers who get a tattoo to express their inner desires and aspirations. The iris flower tattoo is one such tattoo that is a perfect choice for women as it symbolizes a woman's beauty, serenity, sweetness and her noble upbringing.
Iris Flower Symbolism
» The symbolism of the iris flower can be traced back to Greek mythology. The flower gets its name from the Greek goddess 'Iris' who used the rainbow as a medium to travel between the lands of human beings and the Gods.
» It was believed that (Goddess) Iris had the task of transporting women's souls to the underworld. Due to this connection, the iris flower is also associated with the notion of death. It is considered to be a messenger of the Gods.
» The three petals of Iris flower are symbolic of faith, valor and wisdom. Truth, trust, hope and royalty are other ideals that are connected with this flower.
» The meaning of the Iris flower tattoo also varies according to the colors. If you want your tattoo to symbolize faith and hope, you could use dark blue. Yellow is used to symbolize passion, purple for wisdom and white is used as a symbol of purity.
Iris Flower Tattoo Designs
Now that you have some idea about the symbolism of this flower, why not get this beautiful flower inked on your body for symbolizing ideals such as faith, hope, wisdom, passion or purity! Though this tattoo is not as popular as rose, daisy or hibiscus tattoos, it has its own beauty and appeal. Since it is a beautiful design, I would suggest, that you get it tattooed on your arm or shoulder blade so that it is visible.
purple iris
iris sketch
iris sketch
The use of vibrant colors will certainly make the tattoo look very appealing. Use of other design elements will also add to the artistic appeal of this tattoo. Since this flower is associated with the Greek goddess, an interesting idea would be to get a tattoo of a beautiful woman holding a purple iris, with the rainbow in the background. You can include butterflies, hummingbird, angels, fairies, stars, moon or waves to make it more attractive. You could also include vines around this tattoo.
red iris
You could also get a tattoo of a bunch of iris flowers or include this flower in a bigger tattoo. A tattoo of a colorful butterfly sitting on an iris flower is one of the most popular designs that will certainly look beautiful. While the purple color is the most commonly used color for Iris tattoo, there's no need to restrict yourself to this color. Just unleash your creativity and think of a tattoo design that will suit your personality the best.
If you are planning to get a tattoo of a flower, an iris flower would certainly be a great choice. Its symbolism and unlimited scope for design makes this tattoo a dream project for tattoo artists. A beautiful Iris tattoo will surely fetch you lots of compliments. So, it's time to be stylish, and I suggest that you do it by flaunting this tattoo!