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Fascinating Peace Sign Tattoo Designs That Give Out a Message

Peace Sign Tattoo Designs
The peace sign is a universally recognized symbol and a popular tattoo design. If you are a promoter of peace, you can make a tattoo depicting the peace sign. Here is detailed information, design ideas, and pictures for the same.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: May 5, 2018
Did You Know?
The famous pop star Lady Gaga has a peace sign tattoo on her wrist.
While making a permanent tattoo, it is essential to put in a lot of thought as these tattoos are made in indelible ink. Most of the time, people go for designs and symbols that advocate their thoughts and beliefs. Peace sign tattoo is an example of the same. As mentioned above, it is one of the most famous tattoo designs today.
Tattoo Meaning
A dove, with a twig in its beak, is a symbol of peace all over the world. Secondly, the 'V' sign, made with the index and the middle finger, is yet another peace symbol that is interpreted all around the world.
However, since the past few decades, the symbol of the circle, with an inverted alphabet 'Y', is universally considered as the 'peace sign'. This symbol originated in England in 1958 during the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. At that time, it was made to be an anti-nuclear symbol, however, today, it is one of the most popular peace symbols and tattoo designs in the world.
As the name suggests, it stands for peace, and abstinence from violence and war. A peace sign, inscribed with a flag or other patriotic symbols, symbolize faith, hope, harmony, etc.
Tattoo Pictures
Peace sign flower vine
Silver peace sign tattoo
Peace sign abstract art
Peace sign with pink flower
Peace sign heart tattoo
Peace sign with sun
Some More Design Ideas
As mentioned above, the peace sign is instantly recognizable. Therefore, tattooing a simple, plain peace symbol can also make a mark. This can be a fuss free, simple, and a very straightforward tattoo design. The symbol is usually made in smaller size, and can be placed on the wrist, feet, neck, nape, etc.

But, if you are artistic, you can consider incorporating the peace symbol with other designs like flowers, vine, birds, flame, the sun, etc. Designs like flowers, vine, wings, etc., are feminine designs, whereas an eagle, or the sun, etc., are usually favored by men. Take a look at the pictures above and you will get an idea on how additional designs can add to the beauty of a peace sign tattoo. These are larger designs, and are usually made on the back, thigh, chest, legs, arms, etc.

Another interesting idea is to make the peace sign appear like a heart (refer to pictures). This symbol stands for love and unity. On the other hand, if you want a more elaborate artwork, then you can go for other peace symbols like the dove, 'V' sign, etc. As a word of caution, you should be careful while making a tattoo in white ink (dove tattoo) as it does not suit all skin tones.
If this tattoo fascinates you, you need not think twice. It is noncontroversial, meaningful, and will never be outdated. Therefore, zero down on a design, find a certified tattoo artist, and go for it. You will always be proud of your peace sign tattoo.