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15 Magnificent American Flag Tattoo Design Ideas

15 Magnificent American Flag Tattoo Design Ideas
What would be a greater way to make this Fourth of July a memorable day than getting an American flag inked on yourself? You would be surprised to discover how this one theme can be portrayed in so many creative ways. ThoughtfulTattoos presents 15 magnificent American flag tattoo design ideas that will make you want to proclaim through your body art, that you belong to the 'Land of the Free', the sole superpower!
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
American and Iranian flags. Vector.
Symbolism of American Flag Tattoos
☆ Independence
☆ Unity
☆ Remembrance
☆ Courage
☆ Perseverance
☆ Inspiration
The American flag stands tall and strong among all the nations of the world. The 50 stars shining bright representing the 50 states of the country along with the 13 stripes that lay bold representing the 13 American colonies. This flag spells 'meaning' right from its design to its symbolism. Among the many implications of this theme, perhaps the most symbolic is the 'inspiration to live your dream'. To live in a free nation was once a dream, and this flag is motivation for those who wish to break away from the things that are holding them back, and fight towards living their dream.
The United States of America is a multifaceted country and so is the symbolism of its flag. The aforementioned points successfully depict that getting a flag tattoo is ideal for those who respect and truly appreciate the fact that they are the privileged citizens of the country that is the sole superpower in the world. These tattoos are also popular among those who (or their ancestors) have served the nation or have laid their lives for its protection and honor. In a way, these tattoos also emphasize respect, honor, and remembrance of those who have loved their country more than anything else in this world, and have laid their lives gladly to protect their country's flag, especially because it held a great importance during the Civil War.

The following section will take you through some amazing ways through which you can incorporate this theme into a wonderful and unique tattoo design.
15 Amazing American Flag Tattoo Designs
Gone are the days when this flag tattoo was just 'a tattoo of a plain-old flag'. With the introduction of various shading techniques and alternative approaches, you would be surprised to see the variations and impact that your tattoo can acquire. One example for the same would be the tattered pattern of the American flag, which gives the tattoo a rough but classy look overall. Not only this, incorporation of various complementing elements such as the American eagle, Statue of Liberty, military weapons, Christian cross, and the like are accentuating the meaning furthermore. Take a look at the various ways in which you can make your "patriotic American tattoo" a true vogue!
Tattered American Flag Tattoo
Tattoo Design of American Flag Depicting The Civil War
American Flag Eagle Tattoo on Waist
Unique American Flag Tattoo on Bicep
American Flag and Eagle Tattoo with Quote
American Eagle in American Flag Pattern
Black and White American Flag Tattoo Design
American Flag Tattoo Design Depicting Honor and Salute
Tattoo Design of a Cowboy Holding the American Flag
American Flag on a Christian Cross
Military American Flag Tattoo
Colorful American Flag Tattoo Depicting Power
Cute tattoo design with Mustache in American Flag Pattern
Flying American Eagle Tattoo Design
Magnificent American Flag Tattoo with American Elements
The symbolism of these tattoos is not just confined to being patriotic. In fact, by infusing a little thought and creativity, you can send a powerful message through these designs that reflects not only the love for your country, but also how you personally honor the sacrifices that have made this land the most powerful nation in the entire world! Take pride for the United States has surpassed all others when it comes to power and achievements; however, do not forget that the roots of this flourishing land can only be nourished with unity, respect, and honor for our countrymen. These tattoos will remind you of this very essence.