Matching Tattoos

Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos are some of the most popular choices that people are opting for these days. In this following Buzzle article, we will take you through some designs that you can use as inspiration for getting your own matching tattoo with someone close and special to you.
Detach and Match

Matching tattoos need not always be the same design, they could also be parts of a greater concept, like the 4 symbols in a deck of cards (hearts, spades, club, diamond). Together, they still match.

Getting tattoos has always been one of the most personal things that people take up. And while tattooing is definitely personal, there are times when it can take on a universal form as well. As is seen in the case of matching tattoos. The concept of getting matching tattoos has become so popular these days, that the trend has been observed in all forms of relationships―friends, siblings, lovers, parent-child―the list could go on.

These tattoos are undertaken to signify the bond, closeness, and the similarity in thoughts that people share. The themes that are used for drawing inspiration could themselves run into hundreds―funny and serious, simple and intricate designs, meaningful phrases, silly phrases, quotes, geometrical shapes... the list is endless.

In this following Buzzle article, we will take you through the varied designs and themes that you can look into and adapt from, and let both your feelings show with those mindblowing tattoos.

Anchor tattoo on wrists
Key sister tattoos on ankle
Harry Potter tattoos on shoulder
Designs for tattoos

There's so much that siblings share―their childhood, family, values, way of thinking―if there ever was something that could provide inspiration for matching tattoos for sisters, or brothers, the experiences shared would be plenty enough. Most siblings like to highlight the bond that they share, with a simple acknowledgment of their relation―a sister or a brother tattoo in a phrase coupled with a symbol close to the heart is one of the most popular and meaningful designs that the duo or trio take up. There's also the deep phrases that most siblings turn to because it keeps them grounded and acts as a reminder of the values that they share.

Then there are the symbols that hold a special place in their heart, trigger a special memory perhaps, or remind them of a special time that they spent together. And of these there could be so many―like, the anchor symbol, or the top hat that brings to fore a special memory between two brothers, a simple turtle design that probably represents a pet the siblings had while growing up, or a trip they took to a sea-dwelling town. In that same strain then, there are also designs that siblings often choose, like, animals, flowers, 3D designs or zodiac signs, stars and other celestial symbols, Celtic and tribal signs, and names of cities.

Arrow tattoo on ankle
Venn tattoo design on ankle
X O tattoo on ankle
Elements for tattoo designs

This category has so much potential to be anything and everything―a free rein for the funny, the deep, the serious, the meaningful―you name it, and it's there. With matching tattoos for friends, the choices are often as wide and large as they are with siblings. Childhood friends, for example, could have so many memories among them that etching a tattoo with any of these at the fore should pose no problem at all. As the images above illustrate, these tattoos could be subtle and yet deep, like the Venn tattoo, or they could signify their bond with the arrow tattoo, or a simple design that highlights their quirks, and also their closeness, like the 'X', 'O', or a design that they both love, like the hibiscus, a ribbon, or a phrase close to their heart.

Animated bird tattoos on wrist
Heartbeat tattoo on wrist
Crown tattoos on arm

Matching tattoos for couples opens up so many possibilities, it's seriously awesome. While many couples do go in for the overtly romantic or even cheesy, there are others who prefer a more subtle way to express their love. Hearts and heartbeats is probably what you associate with a matching couples tattoo, but many ditch the plain heart and opt instead for simple heartbeats that stretch from one person to the other (as illustrated in the birds and heartbeat designs). Which is such a supremely innovative design if you think about it.

Then there are the aww factors brought in with the cuteness personified birds―again, going from one wrist to the next for a complete picture. There are other symbols that are harbingers of love like the eternity symbol, or a roman number etching of a special date or anniversary for the couple. There's the familiar and the comforting, like the meaningful phrase, and the essence of every relation with the yin yang. There are, of course, certain other symbols like wedding band designs over the fingers, cupid tattoos, the king and queen crowns with personalized messages, Celtic knots, names and more and more.

There are no rules that come into the picture as far as getting matching tattoos is concerned. One can get just about anything and everything and convert it into the really, really cool. All that needs to be done is to find the perfect tattoo design that symbolizes the bond that you hold dear, choose a great place, and go right ahead. Go on then, make some heads turn, bring a smile to your faces, and let your bond shine through, with that awesomely awesome matching tattoo.