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18 Cute Matching Mother and Daughter Tattoo Ideas

18 Cute Matching Mother and Daughter Tattoo Ideas
A mother's love is forever, and so is a daughter's! Why not get matching tattoos to express this eternal bond? ThoughtfulTattoos presents a few cute and matching mother-daughter tattoo design ideas for you to choose from.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: May 8, 2018
Love tattoo
Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts.
― Michael Biondi
Fitness Mother and Child
A mother-daughter relationship is one of the most beautiful and purest bonds in the world. A bond between two females of two different generations, one of whom has given birth to the other and raised her in the best possible manner, and been with her through thick and thin. Celebrate your bond with your mother/daughter with any of the designs assembled here, or make it a word tattoo. What better reason can you need to get inked than to always be reminded of the mother or daughter you adore.
Tattoos are a permanent and lifelong commitment. They have the power and magic of their own. Get matching tattoos to signify your eternal togetherness. It may be a case that you find the one that you were looking for in this article, and the one that depicts your relationship with your mom (or daughter). So, take your time to ponder upon these amazing tattoo designs.
Adorable Matching Tattoo Ideas
Mother-Daughter Bond
Mother Daughter Bond tattoo
Anything that shows the beautiful bond between the two can be inked. Some special memory can be captured. Just don't go into much detailing. Keep things simple and cute!
Short Inks
Bows tattoo
Short inks can include a wide range of stuff. Like getting matching bows, or matching flowers, or that little moon on the fingers signifying "I love you to the moon." You can simply tattoo each other's name followed by a heart.
Hearts tattoo
The evergreen symbolism of love, passion, and adoration―that's what hearts are! They can be placed nearly anywhere, and they can be designed in all sizes and colors. These can be placed behind the ear, lower back, ankle, or wrist.
Butterfly tattoo
You can ink half of a butterfly on one (mother's) foot, and the other half on the daughter's.
Flowers tattoo
Flowers are a great conveyor of love and surprises. Look down for an idea to get them inked.
Recapturing Childhood (Animals and Birds)
Birds tattoo
Mom and daughter can ink some cute animal moms with their babies or cubs. These can be implemented on any part of the body. But they'll look better when the mom and the girl do it at the same place.
Animals and Birds tattoo
Elephants and owls look really cute, while giraffes signify something great.
Matching Dragonfly
Dragonfly tattoo
It's like―"Bound by Blood, Marked by the Dragonfly." by L.L. Akers (Let Me Go).
Lock and Key
Lock and Key tattoo
A lock and key conveys secrecy and a sense of having access to the restricted. When done with a matching pair, this tattoo symbolizes the mutual connection and their dependence on each other.
Feather and Dandelion
Feather and Dandelion tattoo
Dandelions have always been a favorite of females, especially when it comes to tattooing. It means rising above all odds, strength, and courage.
Dove tattoo
Women often get a dove designed because it symbolizes peace and love. Yes, love too! Dove ranks right up there with hearts and roses, when we talk about symbols of love. It also conveys a lifelong relationship and partnership. Doves are known to take care of their young. So, it holds a good chance of getting inked for this special bond. There are a variety of designs that can be made with doves, so they can be placed almost anywhere on the body. The above is an example of a baby dove and its mother.
Jigsaw tattoo
It's a tattoo that conveys that the two of them complete each other. You can also write the famous "Like mother, like daughter" in this puzzle.
Mother-Daughter Symbols
Mother-Daughter Symbols tattoo
These symbols hold a lot of importance religiously. We have portrayed something inspired from Celtic symbols. Moms and daughters can have the same tattoo symbols, maybe at different places.
Bird and Nest
Bird and Nest tattoo
This is so tender and seems so adorable.
Tattoo quotes are very popular these days because every quote has a story to say. Mom and daughter can tattoo the same quote, or simply a few loving words would do the work for you! These tattoos can be done on wrist, feet, or back. For instance, the daughter can do this ― My mom always gives me the best advice and that is "Keep your head high & always stay strong." Some suggestions are given below.
Quotes You Can Use for Tattooing
Quote tattoo
Every time you smile, my day gets a little better.

Nothing will ever come between us.

You are in my heart forever.

Love can never grow old.

I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mom after all.

You are a flower, I am a blossom.

My greatest masterpiece is my children.

We laugh, we cry, we make time fly.

Your first breath took mine away.

You've heard my heart beat from the inside.

The bond between us will never fall apart.

It's an unconditional forever kind of love.
Another way of playing with quotes is tattooing half part of the quote on the mother, while the other half on the girl. You know that "we are incomplete without each other" thing.

Mom: For them I'd risk it all
Daughter: Because of her I will not fall

Or something from the popular nursing rhymes:
Mom: You are my sunshine
Daughter: My only sunshine!
One of a Kind!
Love tattoo
This one is really unique and extremely cute. In the mother's handwriting, the daughter can get a tattoo that says, "Love always, Mom." The mother can get one in her daughter's handwriting that reads, "Love always, Maria." Lovely!
The design that you choose should bring forth your heartfelt emotion. Apart from the design that you decide to get inked, the placement of the tattoo is very important for enhancing its look. Your tattoo should make you feel proud!
Mother and daughter at beach
Mother and Son