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Wonderful Lighthouse Tattoo Designs and Meanings to Steal the Show

Wonderful Lighthouse Tattoo Designs & Meanings
Lighthouse tattoos are considered to be quite old school. You wouldn't find them commonly among tattoo wearers, but they hold a deep meaning in itself. ThoughtfulTattoos gives you some wonderful lighthouse tattoo designs and also explains the meanings associated with this theme.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Did You Know?
The symbol of a lighthouse is used by a charitable organization in New York called Lighthouse International that works towards the welfare of the visually impaired. Therefore, one implication of this symbol is showing light in the dark, or, guiding others by showing them the way.
The main purpose of establishing a lighthouse was, is, and always will be to warn the sea travelers that a rocky coast is near. This warning, or guiding light helps the passersby in two ways: (1) They get alarmed against the rocky shores ahead; (2) The light suggests that the coast is near, implying that they are not lost. The symbolism of a lighthouse tattoo also revolves around the same lines.
It represents positivity, inspiration, and faith for the wearer, that there is a light to guide them home.
One unique thing about lighthouse tattoos is that the coolest designs in this theme rarely come without additional elements such as anchor, ocean, waves, birds, scrolls containing inspiring quotes, and the like. If you have noticed, lighthouse tattoos are generally medium to large in size. Not that there is a hard and fast rule to get them done elaborately, but, depending upon the details of the tattoo design, these tattoos generally look fabulous in bigger sizes.
The following section will give you some fabulous lighthouse tattoo ideas.
Awesome Lighthouse Tattoo Designs and Ideas
A lighthouse tattoo theme can not only act as a guide in your life but also become the guide to your creativity. We say this because of the huge scope this theme gives to both the artist and the wearer. The ideas that come along are innumerable. You can choose a tiny lighthouse tattoo―either all black, or red and white―on your wrist, fingers, or toes. Or, include additional elements such as the ocean, ship, sea, anchor, compass, etc., to make it a full-fledged tattoo covering a significant portion of your body, as a spacious canvas. The following designs will help you find the significance behind getting this tattoo done.
Designs with emphasis on the light
Symbolism: Guidance, Protection, Hope, Faith
Lighthouse tattoo design
As mentioned earlier, a lighthouse has always provided a sense of safety and protection to those who spend most of their time traveling on waters. As much as we may love the waves, in truth, our heart is where our home is, and our home is where land is. While we may carry on with the journey with our set equipment and maps, it is only the light coming from a mighty lighthouse that gives us the much-needed assurance that the coast is near and that we are on the correct path.
Designs with emphasis on the structure of the lighthouse ...
Symbolism: Power, Strength, Mightiness, longevity
Lighthouse tattoos
Did you know that the title of the third longest surviving ancient wonder of the world was once held by a lighthouse named the Lighthouse of Alexandria ? It was humongous, approximately between 393 and 450 ft tall, and was built by the Ptolemaic Kingdom between 280 and 247 BC. For many centuries, this tower was given the title of one of the tallest man-made structures on Earth. From this fact emerges another symbolism of this tattoo theme, which is mightiness, strength, and power.
Designs with inspirational quotes ...
Symbolism: Inspiration, Reminiscent, Motivation
Lighthouse tattoos with quotes
Light has always been a symbolism of inspiration and hope, and similar is the case with a lighthouse. Many tattoo enthusiasts love to add a quote with this tattoo theme to depict a specific meaning, or a reminder to the wearer. The quote could be absolutely anything, but mostly on the lines of inspiration and survival in hope to see the light at the coast, when all you can see are dark ocean waves.
Designs with names and dates ...
Symbolism: Tribute to the dead
Memorial lighthouse tattoos
Oftentimes, you would come across lighthouse tattoos that have certain names and dates inked on them. Yes, lighthouse tattoos may also act as remembrance tattoos, especially for those who have lost their life in the sea. What makes such designs all the more appreciative is the fact that along with remembering the ones that have sailed through this life, this tattoo still reflects a light of hope, positivity, and warmth.
Designs with picturesque elements ...
Symbolism: Passion, Love, Freedom
Picturesque lighthouse tattoos
A lot of tattoo lovers prefer to ink this tattoo as a full-sized tattoo in their back, chest, arms, and sleeves, mostly giving it a picturesque appeal through the way it is conceptualized. Additional elements play a crucial role in this case, such as waves, ship, birds, anchor, etc. These would just emphasize on the fact that the wearer is an ardent sea-traveler and enjoys the freedom for the same. This design also depicts the wearers passion for a picturesque way of living, close to sea, to nature, and to the lighthouse.
As you must have noticed, a lighthouse theme can add a variety of different looks and symbolize varied meanings, all at the same time. This tattoo has been quite popular among sailors and fishermen, and even now has been sported by many who share similar passion and interests. If you too are intrigued by this theme, then what are you waiting for? Use your creative instincts and fuse them with the ideas given above. Get it inked only if you see the light behind it.