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Good and Evil Tattoos

Good and Evil Tattoos
Symbols showing both, good and evil designs, are the latest trends in tattoo designs today. Presented below are tattoo ideas for men and women based on this concept.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: May 7, 2018
In all cultures and religious scripts we find that the concept of the world being divided into good and evil. This differentiation has been made on the grounds of morality. These are more or less philosophical and religious concepts. There is also a lot of debate leading to controversies as both the good and the evil are abstract concepts. However, the struggle between the good and the evil is found everywhere.

Secondly, according to some cultures, it is believed that there is an equal balance of good and evil in this world which is always constant. Whenever, there is rise of evil, the good is born to counter the bad or the evil. Hence, the good and the evil ratio always remains constant. This concept also gained popularity among tattoo lovers, and thus, good and evil tattoo was born. Today these tattoos are sported by a fairly large number of people. If you too are fascinated by this concept, then following are some ideas for the same.
Good and Evil Tattoo Designs
One of the basic thing you need to remember while making these tattoos is that you can either have a single tattoo, depicting these two aspects made, or have two different tattoos placed next to each other. Sometimes, the two opposite tattoos can also be placed on two hands, legs, opposite sides of the head and other parts of the body, etc.
Angel and Devil
Good and evil angel tattoo
When thinking of the good and evil, the first thing to cross the mind are the angels and devils. Angels stand for everything that is good, loving, morally right and acceptable; whereas, the devil represents the opposite that is wrong, bad, hateful, immoral, etc. The angel and the devil is also one of the most widely used design for good and evil tattoos. You can either draw an angel and a devil facing each other or draw them on different parts of the body. If you wish to have a larger design, then you can go for a tattoo depicting the battle of good and bad. It is more elaborate and decorative. Secondly, you can even draw a single design like a face that portrays both good and evil when divided on either sides. This is however a skillful design that needs be made by a professional artist.
Angel tattoo on back.
Heart Tattoo
Good and evil heart tattoo
A heart tattoo universally symbolizes love. However, you can give a twist to the design and turn it into an good and evil heart tattoo. A combination of two hearts portray both the positive and negative aspects of one's personality. You can have two simple red hearts or modify them creatively by adding other elements. This tattoo can be made in larger as well as smaller size.
Yin and Yang Tattoo
Yin yang tattoo on back
Another popular idea is the yin and yang tattoo. It is an ancient Chinese symbol that stands for the duality of good and evil found in the universe. This symbol also stands for the perfect union or harmony of opposites. Among the different yin yang tattoo designs, the one made in simple white and black color is very popular. Apart from these, other designs like the dragon, heart, sun, etc., can also be incorporated in or around the yin yang. One of the other advantages of this tattoo is that it can be made in smaller size and placed on the arms, wrist or back of the neck.
Apart from these, gods and demons, monsters and angels, etc., are some other designs. These tattoos can be placed on any part of the body. Lastly, it is recommended to consult only a certified professional artist for tattoo making. Good luck!