Feminine Tattoos with Meaning

Are you looking for some wonderful girly tattoos, and eager to know their symbolism? This article on feminine tattoos with meaning will explain all the details.
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An inscription on the shoulder, that reads, "Life isn't waiting for the storm to end; it's about dancing in the rain", indicates a lady brimming with enthusiasm for living each day of her life with optimism and hope. Not only quotes, but a huge range of feminine tattoos have specific meaning associated to them. Tattoos have always been symbolic, portraying the character of an individual and reflecting inner feelings. Before deciding to get a tattoo, you should know the underlying connotation and the purpose of any particular design. While most tattoos for girls are associated with floral art, there are many more designs that can replicate their belief, needs, and desires.
List of Feminine Tattoos with Meaning
Girly tattoos are represented by symbols that depict a typical womanly character. If you explore flower tattoos, you will come to know that the color and the species of the flower convey the characteristic attributes of a person. Although unisex tattoos like scorpion, dragon, anchor, clown, etc., are popular among both men and women, feminine designs are confined only to the fairer sex. The popular designs are princess, celestial bodies, butterflies, birds, hearts, vines, and flowers. Each of these patterns have a specified meaning attached to them.

Getting a tattoo without knowing its symbolism is not at all a wise idea, because it leads to misinterpretations by people watching it. You can find out the meaning of popular tattoo designs from the table below, and pick one that will suit you best. The designs are readily available in any reputed tattoo house, or you may browse online for reference.
Tattoo Types and their Meaning
Rose Tattoo
The color of the rose symbolizes various things. Having a red rose tattoo signifies passion, love, and respect, while a yellow rose is symbolic of loyalty and friendship. The pink rose shows your graceful nature whereas the white one is a symbol of platonic love.
Lotus Tattoo
This has different connotations. It reflects spiritualism, divinity, and purity within a human being. It is also connected with feminine beauty, marital fidelity, and warmth of character.
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Tattoo
The Japanese cherry blossom tattoo reflects feminine beauty, dominance, and power. It signifies that life has different phases that keep changing. It's also a symbol of honor and loyalty.
Lily Tattoo
This design is very popular among women, and the color of lilies is significant of a woman's character, nature, and behavior. While orange lily denotes contempt, disdain, and hatred, the white lily is symbolic of purity, innocence, and timidity. Pink lily connotes prosperity, wealth, and materialistic pleasure.
Iris Tattoo
Iris flowers are immensely popular among women, epitomizing beauty and perfection. This exotic flower also represents wisdom, knowledge, faith, sweetness, serenity, and all attributes that a woman should possess.
Zodiac Symbols
Zodiac Symbols
Quite popular among females, getting engraved with the zodiac to which one belongs is symbolic of her character. Wearing a zodiac tattoo means you are exposing your nature to everyone. People can judge you easily with the symbol inked on your body.
Angel Tattoos
Angel tattoos have different designs and meanings. Gothic fallen angel depicts the darker side of one's mind, while cherubs are symbols of love. Archangels mean you are always guarded by a supreme power, quite similar to guardian angel tattoos that reflect your faith in God.
Celestial Bodies
Celestial Bodies Tattoos
The sun and moon are very popular among women, symbolizing power, strength, vigor, and fertility, blended with calm, composure, purity, and the humane aspects of a woman. Moon is also a symbol of motherhood, while star tattoo designs have metaphysical meanings.
Heart tattoo design
Hearts are not only cute, but also attractive. The sacred or the winged heart tattoo symbolizes love, belief, and compassion for mankind. It may also be used to indicate devotion, belief, and faith. Negative emotions are reflected by broken or bleeding hearts.
Butterfly Tattoos
While butterfly tattoos for girls can be cute, their symbolism is entirely different. It is quite ambiguous, because some consider it as a representation of childbirth, while others associate it with fragility and impermanence of human life.
Instead of following the trend, it is suggested that you rather pick designs that will genuinely suit you. Your body art must not be just a fashion statement, but an awe-inspiring representation of your identity.
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