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Attention Foodies! Here are 16 Very Cool Food Tattoos for You

16 Cool Food Tattoos for Food Lovers
If you are planning to ink your undying love for good food, we might have something you're looking for! Check out these creative and unique food tattoo ideas that you could use or draw inspiration from.
Amita Ray
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Celebrities With Food Tattoos
★ Katy Perry - Strawberry on the Ankle
★ Ed Sheeran - Heinz Ketchup Label on Left Bicep
★ Ashlee Simpson - Cherry on the Ankle
A tattoo speaks differently to different people. A food tattoo is for those people who choose to see the beauty of this world through the beauty in the flavors, smells, and the appearance of food.
There are many reasons why one would want to get such a tattoo. For some, it may be a symbol of their lifelong dedication to food, as a chef or a maker of food.
For most of us, our lives have knowingly or unknowingly revolved around food. Recipes that are passed on from one generation to another, for the tattoo of a particular food may symbolize legacy or may represent our childhood.
Some choose to get one simply because they love the food oh-so-dearly! Whatever the reasons may be, there is no doubt that these artwork make some delicious-looking tats. Here are some food tattoos ideas to inspire you. So let's get started, shall we?
Tattoo Ideas For The Carnivores
Bacon tattoo design
When it comes to delicious foods, we can't think of anything better than bacon! If, like us, you too hold the notion that bacon makes everything better, how about getting a heart-shaped bacon inked on your chest? Simply because 'We < 3 Bacon'.
Barbecue-lover tattoo design
If you have an unhealthy relationship with beef sirloin and don't really mind it, all you wanna do on a perfect summer afternoon is barbecue, barbecue, and barbecue. This macho foodie tattoo depicts just that. So just grill and let grill!
Tattoo Ideas For Caffeine Lovers
Coffee-lover tattoo designs
A good number of the world's population can't survive without their daily dose of caffeine. If you're a proud lover of coffee, here are a few ideas for a tattoo to celebrate your love.
Steamy coffee-lover tattoo designs
You could spice the chemistry between you and coffee, with a steamy artwork such as the one shown above, just in case you're mood for something pinupy.
Tattoo Ideas For Chefs
Chef tattoo designs
What better way to show that you've dedicated your life to food than get a cool tattoo about it. A few personalized elements with the cleaver would definitely make some great ink. A chef's hat on your ring finger, may just be the perfect and a slightly subtle way to show your lifelong commitment to food. Ladies, if you're married to a chef (that can't be easy!) you could show your support and pride in being a chef's wife by getting a chef's hat on your ring finger.
Tattoo Ideas For Vegans
Vegan tattoo design
For those who've taken up a vegan lifestyle, food definitely isn't just a part of life for most of them, it's their passion. They have chosen to abstain from the consumption of animal products as they refuse to treat a fellow being as a commodity. A tattoo that commemorates this sentiment would be really cool. Also, if someone asks about your tat, you could explain your cause to them; who knows it might just inspire them to see things your way!
Tattoo Ideas For Couples Who Share Their Love Of Food
Couple tattoo designs-Pizza Tattoo
Common interests are one of the greatest contributing factors in getting a couple close, because a couple that does things together stays together. For a couple that loves food, trying out the new restaurant around the block is definitely going to make memories, or end up laughing at some bizarre food experience. For those who make memories through food, a tattoo that symbolizes this love would be perfect. Just like the tattoo shown above.
Couple tattoo designs-Matching Fortune Cookie Tattoo
Just a food-lovers' play on the fact that your future belongs with someone else for as long as you both shall live! You could celebrate really good fortune that you found your happily ever after with each other by inking matching tattoos that could be something similar to these.
Couple tattoo designs -Paired Tattoo ideas
What is macaroni without cheese, kettle without a cup, donut without coffee, and I without you! Expressing this sentiment in the most non-cheesy way, we give you the above tattoo ideas.
Tattoo Ideas For Those With A Sweet Tooth
Dessert tattoo design
Desserts are the best part of a meal, say what you may, but you just can't deny that! Be it the warm gooey embrace of chocolate or the sweet-tangy zing of a cherry pie, we're all a fan! A dessert tattoo definitely makes for an extremely pretty and colorful tattoo that one can get. If, like us, you too can't decide on which one of your favorite desserts you should get inked, get them all!
Baker tattoo design
While we all are well-capable of devouring our favorite desserts in minutes, making them is for sure no easy feat. It takes hours of slogging, precise technique, and lots of patience to get them right. But for those who love them, there is no joy greater than the joy of baking. If you're one of them who find the hours spent baking simply blissful, then you could show off your pride and joy with this really cool tattoo of a mixer.
Other Food Tattoo Ideas
Food tattoo design
Here are a few of our all-time favorite fast foods, if you're planning to get one these, you could use these artworks as references for your tattoo.
Add a few elements to your tattoo either in the form of texts or artwork to give it more of a personal touch!