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Animal Tattoos for Men

Animal Tattoos for Men
Animal tattoos for men don't just represent brute force. With a properly planned design, size, and animal, you can get the perfect tattoo for yourself.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018
When it comes to tattoos, the right person to listen to is yourself. There will be hundreds of people around you that are eager to give you suggestions and advice as to what kind of tattoos you can get. But when it comes down to it, you can't take someone else's opinions and ink yourself for life. Every individual is unique and when a person decides to get a tattoo, it becomes a huge challenge to finalize a particular design and theme. Every tattoo has a meaning behind it and how you go about it makes a huge difference. Anyone who has a tattoo or carries an interest in getting one will understand how big this decision is because you can't get up one and be like, I don't really want this tattoo anymore. It's there with you for life and even though there are ways to remove them, it doesn't come without paying a hefty price.
Now coming back to our topic at hand, we are here to talk about men getting tattoos for themselves. It does sound like a masculine thing to do and rightfully put, very sexy. Every creature is different, has its own unique characteristics, and place in this world. So if you are planning on getting animal tattoos for guys, it's better that you first decide which animal to get inked on yourself. Once you decide that, the next step will be to choose from a wide range of tattoos. In this article, we have provided you with some animal tattoo designs along with the famous tattoos that men are into.
Cool and Trendy Tattoo Designs for Men
Whether you choose land, aerial, or aquatic animal tattoo designs, there will be certain symbolism, a meaning behind them. It is up to you to decide what is the message you wish to send to the society with your tattoo. Below, we will discuss a few popular tattoos that men more often than not are inclined toward.
Chinese zodiac animal icons
Chinese Zodiac Tattoos
In Chinese astrology, there are 12 animals that symbolize their 12 year cycle. If you are intrigued by astrology and the relevance of these signs in your life, this can be a great animal tattoo idea. Depending on the year you were born, check which animal represents that year and that will be your sign. For example, if you were born in the year 1983, then your Chinese zodiac sign will be the Pig. You can read the specific characteristic and traits of your zodiac sign and see if this is the tattoo idea you want to pursue.
Dog Tattoo Design
Dog Tattoos
Majority of people get dog tattoos because they have or had a faithful dog while growing up. In his/her remembrance, men tend to get them as their tattoos. You can take a picture of your dog and have the tattoo artist copy it or if you are fascinated by a particular dog breed, then you can get a unique design as well. Dog tattoos have specific symbolic attributes as well such as fidelity, loyalty, intelligence, protection, obedience, and unconditional love. If these are some of the traits that you'd like to associate with, then a dog tattoo is right for you.
Furious man with lion tattoos
Lion Tattoos
One of the most ferocious animals in the jungle, the lion has become very popular among men as tattoos. Among all the animal tattoos for guys, I think that the lion is the best choice as it highlights fierceness, supremacy, quiet yet strong, pride, victory, justice, will to fight, protector, unbeatable force, bravery, guardian, confidence, and immense power. Men like to get this tattoo on their backs, biceps, shoulder blades, and even chest. You can get a complete black tattoo or opt for some vibrant colors like red, orange, and brown. This is one tattoo that can actually set you apart in a crowd and for that, I will advise you to do extensive research on designs because you don't want to get this wrong in any way.
Images of Animal Tattoos
As you scroll down, you will see some animal tattoo designs for men. You can either choose any of the designs given here or can find inspiration and create one for yourself. Take a look.
Man with Phoenix Tattoo on Back
Man with Colorful Bird Tattoo on Chest
Man with Eagle Tattoo on Arm
Man with Beetle Tattoo on Back
More Animal Tattoo Ideas for Men
Apart from the animals we've discussed above, there are tons of other animals which can be used for a tattoo. All you need to do is think a little harder and then decide. Here are some options so that you can get some idea as to what's in store for you.

Giraffe Tattoo Design
Snake Tattoo Design
Scorpion Tattoo Design
Eagle Blue Tattoo Design
Bat Tattoo Design
Tiger Climbing Tattoo Design
Monkey Tattoo Design
Horse Tattoo Design
Cheetah Tattoo Design
Eagle Tattoo Design
Koi Fish
Koi Fish Tattoo Design
Dragon tattoo design
Tribal Dolphin Tattoo Design
Tiger tattoo design
Elephant sketch design
Fox engraved illustration
Bear Tattoo Design
Eagle tattoo on arm