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Tribal Jesus Tattoo

Tribal Jesus Tattoo
When it comes to religious tattoos, the tribal Jesus tattoo stands out for its meanings and symbolism. Here is detailed information on these tattoos, with design ideas, and placement options.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: May 7, 2018
steampunk style cross with hearts
Tattooing, a popular form of art, is a favorite among people, mostly young adults in nearly all parts of the world. Before you decide to inscribe a tattoo, it is essential to put serious thought into this matter and research for the perfect design. If you are a first timer, are religious, and wish to have a religious or sacred tattoo, then the Jesus tattoo is perfect for you.
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Jesus tattoo is the symbol of Christianity and Christian faith. It is often sported by devout Christians who believe in spirituality and religion. Apart from these well-known meanings, it is also associated with other symbolism and meanings. Firstly, some people believe that inscribing a Jesus tattoo on the body gives them strength and protects them from all the odds in their life. On the other hand, the Jesus tattoo is also made in the memory of a loved one. However, the latter symbolism is quite rarely used.
Tattoo Designs
Vintage stone cross
As mentioned above, every tattoo design can be made into several different styles and patterns. Similar is the case with the Jesus tattoo. One can either draw the entire crucifix or simply the face of Jesus Christ. Either of these patterns look amazing when made in the tribal tattoo style. On the other hand, the face of Jesus Christ with a halo around the face is also one of the most popular tattoo designs today. Although the tattoo design depicting the face of Jesus Christ wearing the crown of thorns is a painful sight, it is still made by several people. Another possible design is to inscribe a message or a Bible verse around the tattoo.
Black and white cross tattoo
As these tattoos are made using only black or navy blue color, they suit any skin tone. Among the several creative possibilities, this tattoo can be inscribed on any part of the body. However, it is more aptly made on the chest, arm or shoulder. As it is a symbol of religion and spirituality, Jesus tattoos are hardly or never made on feet or legs. If it is made as a memory of a lost loved one, it is always made on the chest, closer to the heart.
Once you have decided to inscribe this tattoo on your body, you can research extensively until you find the perfect design of your choice. You can even seek help from your tattoo artist, and have the design drawn on the paper first to confirm whether you should really go for it or not.