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Neck Tattoo Ideas

Neck Tattoo Ideas
Tattoos in modern society were restricted to the arms and chest regions of a person, but recently there has been a spurt in the number of people getting a tattoo on their neck...
Indrajit Deshmukh
Tattoos are one of the oldest surviving art forms and today they have found a place in society that is unparalleled. You will see people from different walks of life sporting a tattoo, ranging from bikers and rock stars to investment bankers and teachers. The concept of using the body as a canvas to project your thoughts and beliefs is very enchanting. One of the places that people tattoo themselves is the neck region. Some get it done on the side of the neck, while others get small designs on the base of the neck under the skull. It is advisable to spend a little time in introspection and come up with something that represents your character the most. Find out if you are aggressive, mellow, peace-loving, etc., and then get something that represents these attributes. For example, you love peace and harmony, then get a dove with an olive branch on your neck.
A few pointers before we get to the neck tattoo ideas, get your tattoo done from an artist whose work you have seen and like. You can get an infection from a tattoo needle, so choose a parlor which has high standards of hygiene and uses sterilized equipment. Here are a few designs to stimulate your imagination.
Snake Tattoos
Showcasing a snake on your neck is one of the most intriguing ideas for men as well as women. You can show a snake coiled up and its forked tongue hanging out and red eyes gleaming; place this design at the base of the neck. A snake entwined around a sword on the side of your neck is another idea for a great tattoo. If you are up for it you can ink a snake sliding down from behind your ear and finishing at the base of the neck just above your trapezius muscles.
Dragon Tattoos
This mythical creature seems to inspire many people, and they ink a dragon tattoo as a mark of reverence on their neck. A dragon breathing fire from his nostrils is one of the designs that you could opt for. Inking a dragon with a prey caught in its claws is one of the mesmerizing designs that you can get on the neck region. A dragon with wings spread to engulf the full neck region is an expansive tattoo design that can turn a few heads in admiration.
Flower Tattoos
If you are a girl, there is nothing more feminine than a flower tattoo. Show two roses leaning in opposite direction with their thorns touching each other. Another way to use the flower design is to have 3-4 lilies in full bloom on the side of the neck. One of the designs that may interest you is that of an orchid caught in a barbwire. An ivy plant with a bunch of flowers is another tattoo idea you can consider.
Tribal Tattoos
Many people opt for tribal tattoo designs for the neck; a Celtic cross done in bold shading makes for a good neck tattoo. The interwoven lines and symmetrical designs of tribal tattoos lend an interesting look when done on the neck. You can also go in for a tribal butterfly or triquetra on the side of your neck. Symbols like the pentagram look great when tattooed on the neck, you can even use vibrant colors for these designs if you so wish.
Using tattoo lettering styles is another great idea for a neck tattoo, you can write a phrase or a word that inspires you. You can also get zodiac designs on your neck to form that celestial connection, or get Sanskrit symbols like 'Om' or even a Chinese character.
Cross tribal tattoo
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