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Tattoos on Neck for Men

Tattoos on Neck for Men
Tattoos on the neck are some of those that provide a whole lot of potential, both with the designs and the way in which the location can be utilized. In this following article, we will give you some great ideas on the kind of designs that can be made use of for this tattoo type.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018
There was this guy in my college. Using the word hot to describe him would be unjust to the very word. Low waist jeans. Clicking boots - Shiny and brown. Hair (long) made up sleek and smooth in the latest style. The latest clothes too and perfume in the air. Exuding confidence and a definite swagger in his step, he would walk the corridors in style. And then, one day, he cut his hair really short. Guess what? He had a tattoo on his neck. Was it possible for anything to get any more awesome about this guy? I had no idea a neck tattoo could add to ones sex appeal so much. Did you have any idea? If you didn't, let's just say it is a definite head turner. And not just once, but over and over again. Tattoos demand that attention any which way, no matter where on your body you get them. Do it on the neck and you'll know exactly what I'm saying.
It's got to be the fact that on the neck, there's just no missing it. No matter how much you try. Also, the neck is not a location that everyone can pull off a tattoo on. But you can, can't you? The neck it is then. But what will you get there? Need to know what some of the best choices for tattoos on neck for men are? All that and more will follow in the following section.
Points to Consider
So why do you want to get a tattoo? I'm not probing. That's what you should ask yourself. See the deal is, the neck tattoo is going to be there for life, and on the neck where it's really tough to hide, so you owe it to yourself to make an informed decision. Be sure of what you're getting into and more so of the fact that you really, really want to. When you really want something, you'll find that you get a certain confidence to carry it through till the end.
Other than being completely sold on the idea of getting a tattoo, there has to also be proper attention given to the tattoo place and the artist. Make sure that both are of reputable orders and are capable of doing a good job. One can of course discuss with the tattoo artist the designs that you have in mind and whether they can be carried through well enough.
And now to get you the varied ideas that can be used as neck tattoo designs. Here are a random pick of some of the most unique and some of the most popular tattoos for men on the neck.
Designs and Ideas
The Barcode
Barcode tattoo
Every commercial product will have a unique barcode, that by which one can distinguish it from the others. It forms a rectangular box that has several lines in a unique code and a couple of numbers under it. On the neck, this design makes for pure genius - It looks sleek and neat. But that's not the issue, the sentiments that run behind it (of one being a unique code) cannot be duplicated by anyone else and that is something that will appeal to the independent and freedom loving individuals. Place it at the nape of the neck or at the side of your neck and the appeal does not ebb either way.
Of Religion and Stars
Religious tattoo
Of the other neck tattoo designs, there are also those that are used quite frequently for the sentiments that run behind their etching. These include tattoos of the cross, other religious symbols and the star tattoo. Some people might not do the whole going to church for worship or to a temple to pray. They might have a different approach to these things and that might be an inking of certain religious symbols onto their necks. Each one of the aforementioned designs can be tapped into and for good reason too. If done right, way too popular or not, this design can make incredible impact.
The Ethnic Symbols
Ethnic tattoos
Of all the popular tattoo designs for the neck, this one is way up on the list. The genius lies in the fact that though it is a popular choice and therefore sported by many, it can be molded to fit ones individual requirements. Another plus? It can be converted into a small-sized tattoo that does not clutter. Popular ethnic symbols from across the world include Sanskrit and Chinese alphabets.
Feathers, Cobwebs, and More
Cobweb tattoo
Sounds weird? Good. It's meant to be. How does one go about explaining this? All of us have a stroke of weird in us, right? This is merely to give it expression. Designs that one would normally not associate with tattoos, find their way to stay on the neck. And what's more, make a very, very lethal impact. I merely mention certain examples here, there could be several others as well that you could think of on your own. Those that you find very close to your heart and you probably know that there won't be anyone out there who will understand these, but you want to etch them nonetheless. If this idea appeals to you then simply introspect and look into what might qualify as your contender for a weird tattoo. Go on, it's not that tough.
In the Lettering
tattoo with wording
What one can do with the right kind of lettering is limitless. Taking one's name, ones sweetheart's name or of the city of birth and then converting it into a beautiful text of maybe a different script and font and then inking the neck. Like I said - Limitless.
Tattoos on the neck. Something that can be turned into a unique fashion statement, a beacon of rebellion or a simple ornamentation symbol. What will you do with it? Think first, then get it done. Not before. Never before.