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Knuckle Tattoos

Knuckle Tattoos
Did the thought of getting a tattoo on your knuckle ever cross your mind? Since this tattoo would be visible to all, you need to be very sure about the design that you wish to be inked. This write-up provides some design ideas for tattoos on the knuckles.
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Body art is a great way of expressing your emotions, deeper desires, or philosophy of life. There is no dearth of choices when it comes to selecting a tattoo, you just need to tell the artist what you have in mind and what the design means to you. Though people generally get designs inked on their shoulders, chest, back, ankles and wrists, there is no reason to restrict yourself. You could get one anywhere. You could even get one on your knuckles. Since such a tattoo would be very much visible, the selection of the designs or the lettering must be taken seriously. Be very sure of the design that you want to be inked on to your knuckles.
Tattoos on Knuckles
While zeroing in on the design, remember that the design would be inked on a small area. Due to this reason, using a group of eight letters emerges as a very popular option. You could get combination of two four-letter words such as true-love, good-luck, free-soul, live-life, rock-roll, or walk-tall inked on your knuckles. You could use inspiring words such as strength, victory, winner, hope, etc., to give yourself confidence.
For most people, the idea behind getting a tattoo is to send a message to yourself or even those around you. So, pour your heart out and think of a design that will inspire you to be brave during difficult times. You could get your name or nickname inked on your knuckles. If there is a special person in your life, you could get his/her name inked on your knuckles. However, make sure that the spelling is right. If you don't wish to have lettering on your knuckles, you could try out various designs or patterns.
Design Ideas for Girls and Guys
Design Ideas for Girls
☛ Lettering is one of the most popular designs for knuckles. Young girls could also get tattoos of four letter-word combinations.
☛ Filling in colors or incorporating other design elements to the letters could also be tried out. Girls can get floral designs, butterflies, fruits, hearts and many such cute designs inked on their knuckles to impart a feminine touch.
☛ Decorative letters with beautiful strokes will certainly look great. You could try four-letter words such as glam-doll, love-sick, free-bird, sexy-babe, baby-doll, good girl, and other such combination words.
☛ You can also use abbreviations as well. For instance, glamorous can be changed to glam.
☛ You can also just get a single word inked on your knuckles.
Designs Ideas for Guys
☛ Men could get combination words such as last-call, glam-rock, game-over, hell-bent, high-road, zero hour, tuff-love, swim-sink, babe-mgnt, soft-core, anti-hero, or good-guy inked on the knuckles.
☛ If you are getting a small word inked, you could combine it with small designs of your liking. Guys can combine the letters with animal tattoos such as scorpions, snakes, birds such as eagles or any other pattern of your choice.
☛ You could also have the first names of your family members written on each knuckle.
☛ You can get small designs inked on your knuckles. Men can get a tattoo of stars, cross, or any symbol of your liking.
When it comes to the selecting a design, all you need to do is unleash your creativity. You could use meaningful letters or beautiful designs to make a style statement with your tattoo. Select a great design or words that will always hold relevance in your life.
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