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Wrist Tattoos for Women

Wrist Tattoos for Women
Wrist or bracelet tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo trends today. This article will give you more information on wrist tattoo ideas and designs for women.
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Tattoos are designs, patterns, or symbols made on parts of the body with the help of a special ink. They can be classified into permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary ones. Here we will see more on permanent tattoos. They are made using indelible ink, i.e., with a special kind of ink that cannot be erased or cleared easily. Tattoos can be made on any part of the body as desired.
Cute Wrist Tattoo Designs
As there is less space available on the wrist for making a tattoo, there are fewer options available as compared to those made on other parts of the body. However, one should not get discouraged as there are several smaller designs that are equally attractive and meaningful. The following are some ideas for hand and wrist tattoos for women.
Bracelet Tattoos
The bracelet design is an obvious option for wrist tattoos. Bracelet tattoos on wrist can be made of flowers and leaves, vine as well as other abstract art. Sometimes, one's name is also drawn in the circular pattern like a bracelet.
Star Tattoos
Among all the star tattoos, the nautical star with its five points is more popular for its symbolism. Sailors used this star as a guide while sailing, and even today, it is believed to guide the wearer and show the path. Secondly, the star tattoo was considered as a good luck charm in the ancient times, which is still believed today.
Butterfly Tattoos
Butterfly tattoos are favored among women for their beauty and grace. These are popular as inner wrist tattoos for women. Apart from beauty, the butterfly symbolizes the transformation and journey of the soul. The butterfly also represents change and metamorphosis, and hence, can be one of the most meaningful tattoo designs found today.
Tribal Tattoos
Apart from the colorful designs available today, one can even go for the tribal tattoo designs as they also look equally attractive. Tribal tattoos are done only in black or navy blue color, and are unique. Tribal wrist tattoos include the tribal heart, tribal star, tribal cross, or tribal flowers.
Name Tattoos
If you wish to have a personalized and unique tattoo design, what can be a better option than your own name inscribed on your wrist? Your or your beloved's name inscribed in attractive colors and fonts is yet another wrist tattoo design. You can either have the complete name or simply the initials made on the wrist as a tattoo design. Secondly, you can include other designs like the heart, or zodiac sign along with the name.
You can modify these designs according to your creativity. However, one should remember that tattoo making and removal can be a painful process. Therefore, it is recommended to have a tattoo made by a certified professional artist. Good luck!
Pink star tattoo on wrist
Name wrist tattoo