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Want a Wrist Tattoo? Check These Bold Designs and Their Meanings

Wrist Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings
Wrist tattoos are sexy, bold, and look great on just about anyone. With wrist tattoos gaining more and more popularity, it's no surprise that you're searching for design ideas as well. Read the following article for information on different design ideas.
Natasha Bantwal
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
The first thing anyone does, whenever the decision of getting a tattoo is made, is find a design that fits them best. Tattoos are very personal and they speak about the person who wears them. Although this type of body modification has been around for centuries, many cultures and societies still haven't accepted it with open arms. However, that hasn't stopped those who favor it.

Of course, there are many places to get a tattoo, but something about a wrist tattoo appears sensual. It looks attractive on men and women, and once you decide to get a tattoo on your wrist, the only thing holding you back is finding the right design and pattern. Well, we are here to solve that issue. Below we have mentioned a few tattoo ideas for you to choose from. You can either go with the tattoos provided here or create a unique design for yourself.
Butterfly Tattoo
It may seem that butterfly tattoos are favored by women, but there are certain designs that can work for men as well. With feminine-looking designs for women and tribal patterns for men, these tattoos are immensely popular.

Possible Meanings
  • Renewal and rebirth
  • Gracefulness
  • Beauty
  • Free spirit
  • Return to innocence
Butterfly Tattoo
Eye Tattoo
There are various designs and concepts to be adapted when it comes to eye tattoos. Right from the Eye of God, to the Eye of Horus, to a human eye, the choices are many. Depending on the design you choose, the interpretations will vary.

Possible Meanings
  • Eye of God - Omnipresent spirit of God
  • Eye of Horus - Protection and life
  • Other meanings - Clarity, focus, intelligence, and awareness
Human eye tattoo
Heart Tattoo
Whether you choose to get a heart tattoo because it looks "cute" or you wish to convey strong feelings for someone, this tattoo idea is quite popular. With thousands of designs and shapes (heart-like figures) to choose from, a heart tattoo is worth a thousand words.

Possible Meanings
  • Single heart - Love and passion
  • Heart with dagger - Betrayal
  • Pierced heart - Heartbreak, sad memories, and sorrow
  • Broken heart - Loss of someone special and rejection
Pierced heart tattoo
Horse Tattoo
If you're someone who has deep affection for these magnificent creatures and wish to embody their characteristics, then a horse tattoo is right for you.

Possible Meanings
  • Passion
  • Free spirit
  • Guidance
  • Independence
  • Speed
  • Strength
Horse Tattoo
Kanji Characters Tattoo
These are Chinese characters that are used in Japanese writing system. Kanji tattoos have become very popular as they look beautiful, creative, and can be worn by both men and women. If you are unfamiliar with this style of writing but wish to get a tattoo, I would advice you to consult with someone who has the basic knowledge. You don't want to get a word translated using the Chinese characters and make an error.

Possible Meanings

The meaning behind each Kanji character will depend on which word(s) or phrase(s) you wish to get tattooed.
Kanji symbols
Musical Notes Tattoo
For those who have a passion for music, getting this tattoo is not a surprising concept. Apart from the musical notes used for the design, other music tattoos can also be made; for example, you can get an instrument (guitar, drums, harp, piano, trombone), microphone with musical notes, etc.

Possible Meanings
  • Love for music
  • Dedicate tattoo to someone special
  • Feeling of being complete
Musical Notes Tattoo
Ouroboros Tattoo
Ouroboros is an ancient symbolic creature; most likely a serpent or dragon. The image of the creature is shown eating/holding its own tail. In 14th century BC, the creature first made its appearance in the tomb of Tutankhamun. The Enigmatic Book of the Netherworld talks about this creature being inside the tomb. Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato, also talks about this mythological creature being the first living thing in the universe.

Possible Meanings
  • Self-reflexivity
  • Constant recreation
  • Eternal return
  • Immortality
Snake Tattoo Design
Owl Tattoo
Owls have both positive and negative connotations. In ancient Greece, owls were a symbol for Goddess Athena and the city-state of Athens. They considered owls to be wise hunters because of their sharp eyesight and hearing, and they are adaptable to evolution. However, the Romans didn't think highly of owls. In fact, they thought that owls were funeral or melancholy birds and they'd howl because they could foretell death.

Possible Meanings
  • Mystery
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Vision
Owl Tattoo Design
Peacock Tattoo
A peacock is a male bird with majestic and vibrant tail feathers. The radiant colors on their feathers make peacocks a very popular and common choice for tattoos. Hindu god Karthik and goddess Saraswati use peacock as their vāhana (it's a Sanskrit word which means an animal or a mythical being used as a vehicle by a deity).

Possible Meanings
  • Pride and arrogance (for its beauty)
  • Immortality (in Christianity)
  • Watchfulness (in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythologies)
  • Royalty and nobility
  • Love and desire
  • Sensuality
Peacock Tattoo
Religious Symbols Tattoo
Tattooing a symbol that represents a religion can be tricky. Firstly, you need to have a basic understanding of the religion. And secondly, making a permanent imprint on your body requires huge commitment. Extensive research is required for these tattoos because you don't want to make any errors. Depending on the symbol you choose, the meaning behind your tattoo will differ.

Possible Meanings
  • Om - A sacred mantra. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism
  • Yin-Yang - Shadow and light; two complementary forces. Chinese philosophy
  • Ahimsa - Non-violence. Jainism
  • Ik Onkar - One supreme reality. Sikhism
Religious icon
Star Tattoo
Star tattoos can be designed in various styles. Depending on the number of points a star has, the meaning of your tattoo will vary drastically.

Possible Meanings
  • Nautical star - Protection, guidance, and safety
  • Downward pentagram star - A sign of devil
  • Upward pentagram star - Protection and balance
  • Star of David - Jewish and Israeli symbol
  • Shooting star - New/better life and fleeting moments in life
Star Tattoo
Sun Tattoo
Without the sun, life on earth is impossible. However, too much of a good thing can also be harmful. It all depends on how you look at the Sun's energy and wish to incorporate it in your life.

Possible Meaning
  • Rebirth
  • Light
  • Knowledge
  • Vitality
  • Leadership
  • Courage
  • Power and force
Tribal sun tattoo
Tree Tattoo
Tree tattoos have different meanings in different cultures. There are many feminine and masculine tree designs that can be made. Oftentimes, black birds are included in the design. Here are a few popular design choices for tree tattoos.

Possible Meanings
  • Tree of Life - Connection between heaven and earth
  • Celtic Tree - Spirituality; roots traveling to the underworld and branches reaching till the heavens
  • Cherry Blossom - Path of enlightenment and celebrating life
Tree Tattoo
Wings Tattoo
Apart from angel wings, there are various wing tattoos you can choose from. The tattoo you finalize will depend on what you believe in and what should the tattoo represent. You can select wings of various birds (dove, phoenix, eagle, etc.), bat, dragonfly, butterfly, firefly, and even a beetle. Of course, out of these ideas, angel wings are much more popular. Both men and women can get them as tattoos because they aren't gender-specific.

Possible Meanings
  • Speed
  • Freedom
  • Need for escape
  • Free spirit
  • Protection
Illustration of angel wings
Zodiac Signs Tattoo
According to Western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs which represent a set of dates and specific months.

Possible Meanings
  • Aries - Energetic, confident, impatient, and courageous
  • Taurus - Understanding, loving, patient, and practical
  • Gemini - Balanced, supportive, adaptable, and flexible
  • Cancer - Conservative, moody, loyal, and sympathetic
  • Leo - Leader, brave, intuitive, and headstrong
  • Virgo - Inquisitive, intuitive, analytical, and team player
  • Libra - Stable, harmonious, romantic, and charming
  • Scorpio - Passionate, intuitive, intelligent, and emotional
  • Sagittarius - Witty, smart, impatient, and adventurous
  • Capricorn - Practical, reserved, patient, and organized
  • Aquarius - Honest, loyal, intelligent, and sometimes lazy
  • Pisces - Smart, unselfish, honest, and compassionate
Zodiac Signs Set
Get your tattoo done by a trusted, experienced tattoo artist and always voice your concerns and/or doubts. Follow all the aftercare instructions given to you by the artist. Tattoos in general will cause a certain amount of pain. Some people feel pain more than others. So if you feel that you won't be able to take the pain, think twice before getting the tattoo.
Butterfly in blue shapes
Blue butterfly tattoo
Butterfly black tattoo
Horse head logo design
Eye shape tattoo
Beautiful And Tattooed
Tattoo on woman neck
Horse silhouette
Music symbol tattoo on back
Pentacle celtic tattoos
Music symbol tattoo
Owl tribal tattoo
Pink lotus flower
Monk Tattoo
Flaming horse tattoo
Black horse tattoo
Ornamental crosses tattoo