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List of Body Piercings

A Totally Astounding List of Body Piercings

Are you looking for information on the various piercings carried out in different parts of the body? The following article will give you a comprehensive list with their names.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Body piercing is a body art that refers to piercing the parts of the body and wearing jewelry in the opening created. It is an act or practice in which a specific part of the body is pierced to create an opening. This body art comes under the category of body modification. It require stringent safety and hygiene measures. There are many risks of doing this though, like heavy bleeding or transmission of infections like HIV/AIDS. Many teenagers are hooked on to body piercings and carry out this body modification to look different. If you too are above legal, you can do some unique body piercings for yourself. Each different type has a specific name, and this article gives you the list of these names.
Names and Location for Piercings
  • Above-the-Neck and Oral Piercings
  • Nipple and Navel Piercings
  • Male Genital Piercings
  • Female Genital Piercings
  • Multiple and Unique Piercings
  • Transdermal Implants (Singlepoints), Beading, and Subdermal Implants
Above-the-Neck and Oral Piercings
  • Ear Lobe Piercing: The ear lobe is pierced.
  • Ear Cartilage Piercing: This ear piercing is carried out through the cartilage along the upper outside edge of the helix.
  • Pinna Piercing: This one is carried out on the cartilage rim at the top part of the ear
  • Tragus Piercing: It is done at the nub of the ear present along the outer edge of the face.
  • Conch Piercing: The shell of the ear is pierced.
  • Ear Weaving Piercing: This is carried out along the edge of the ear where a spiral barbell loop goes around through multiple piercings of the same jewelry.
  • Helix Piercing: This is when the outer cartilage of the rim is pierced.
  • Industrial Piercing: There are two piercings that are connected with a barbell called the scaffold piercing.
  • Vertical Industrial Piercing: The barbell is placed vertically in the ear.
  • Rook Piercing: The piercing rim is placed in the middle in front of the ear. It is kind of anti-helix piercing.
  • Daith Piercing: The ridge at the top of the ear hole that extends just above the tragus is pierced.
  • Anti Tragus Piercing: The cartilage rim above the lobe is pierced.
  • Inner Conch Piercing: This is done in the inner shell of the ear.
  • Inner Helix Piercing: This is piercing of the cartilage rim.
  • Vertical Lobe Piercing: This one is placed vertically over the lobe.
  • Vertical Tragus Piercing: The piercing is placed vertically over the tragus.
  • Snug Piercing: The inner cartilage helix fold is pierced.
  • Transverse Lobe Piercing: It is placed along the length of the earlobe.
  • Orbital Piercing: There are two piercings made with a ring.
  • Eyebrow Piercing: This type is made through the eyebrow.
  • Anti-Eyebrow Piercing: The upper cheek piercing made below the eye along the cheekbone.
  • Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing: It is made horizontally along the eyebrow.
  • Nostril Piercing: The piercing is made through the nostril.
  • Septum Piercing: This called the bull ring piercing made in the septum wall of the nose.
  • Austin Bar Piercing: This is a horizontal nose tip piercing.
  • Nasallang Piercing: This one is done on the nostril-septum-nostril.
  • Bridge Piercing: The horizontal piercing made through the bridge of the nose.
  • Vertical Bridge Piercing: It is made like a third eye on the vertical bridge.
  • Lip Piercing: The lip piercing is an offset of the lower lip piercing.
  • Snakebite Piercing: These are two lip piercings that are placed one on each side of the mouth.
  • Spider Bite Piercing: These are also two lip piercings that are placed on same side of the lower lip.
  • Labret Piercing: This is done at the center of the lower lip.
  • Medusa Piercing: This is a center upper lip labret piercing.
  • Beauty Mark Piercing: This is done at the offset upper lip.
  • Angel Kiss Piercing: This is a vertical piercing at the center of the lip.
  • Smiley Piercing: This is an upper lip frenulum piercing.
  • Frowny Piercing: This is a lower lip frenulum piercing.
  • Tongue Rim Piercing: This is is done vertically through the tongue.
  • Tongue Rim Piercing: This one is done at the edge of the tongue.
  • Tongue Web Piercing: Piercing of the tongue frenulum.
  • Venom Tongue Piercing: There are two off centered tongue piercings.
Nipple and Navel Piercings
  • Navel Piercings: This is when the upper rim of the navel is pierced.
  • Lower Navel Piercing: This is the bottom rim of the navel.
  • True Navel Piercing: This is done through the navel.
  • Horizontal Navel Piercing: This type is carried out at the surface near the navel.
Male Genital Piercings
  • Prince Albert Piercing: This piercing is carried out through the frenulum area that exists through the urethral area.
  • Foreskin Piercing: This is when the foreskin is pierced.
  • Frenum Piercing: This is a surface piercing of the penis shaft.
  • Guiche Piercing: This the piercing of the area behind the scrotum.
  • Hafada Piercing: The hafada piercing is of the scrotum.
  • Pubic Piercing: The is done above the penis shaft.
  • Reverse P.A. Piercing: This is of the urethra that exits from the top of the glans.
  • Ampallang Piercing: This is the horizontal piercing of the male glans.
  • Apadravya Piercing: The vertical piercing of the male glans.
  • Dydoe Piercing: This type is carried out at the edge of the glans ridge along the head of the penis edge.
  • Frenum Ladder Piercing: This is 3+ frenum piercing that forms a ladder.
  • Scrotal Ladder Piercing: The 3+ scrotal piercing done in a linear row.
  • Lorum Piercing: This one is of the low penis frenum.
Female Genital Piercings
  • Horizontal Hood Piercings: This is placing a piercing horizontally on the clitoral hood.
  • Vertical Hood Piercing: This is piercing of the clitoral hood vertically.
  • Outer Labia Piercing: This is piercing through the labia majora.
  • Inner Labia Piercing: The labia minora is pierced under this piercing.
  • Clitoris Piercing: The piercing of the clitoris that is about the size of a no. 2 pencil eraser.
  • Christina Piercing: This is the piercing of the female pubic mound.
  • Fourchette Piercing: This the piercing of the rear labia.
  • Triangle Piercing: The one passes under the clitoral shaft.
Multiple and Unique Piercings
  • Chin Piercing: A piercing of the chin.
  • Cheek Piercing: The cheek piercing that looks like a dimple.
  • Dermal Anchor Face Piercing: The dermal piercing in the hand or finger.
  • Hand Web Piercings: This is a hand piercing between the fingers.
  • Finger Ring Piercing: This a temporary finger surface piercing.
  • Knuckle Piercing: This type is done between the knuckles.
  • Vampire Bite Piercing: This is done on the side of the neck that looks like a vampire bite.
  • Stretching: This is increasing the gauge or size of a piercing.
  • Surface Piercing: This one is done on any flat skin of the body.
  • Orbital Piercing: This is where two piercings are connected by a ring.
  • Uvula Piercing: The piercing of the hangy ball at the back of the mouth.
  • Corset Piercing: These are multiple ones that are are laced together.
Transdermal Implants (Singlepoints), Beading, and Subdermal Implants
These are piercings that are attached to the skin in different ways. The transdermal implants are placed as an internally threaded post that protrudes through the skin. They do not have an exit. The jewelry is attached to a flat, labret like base that heals under the skin. Beading is a subdermal implant that is mostly used for genital enhancement. Subdermal implants are artificial devices that are inserted under the skin for body adornment.
You should only visit a licensed place and make sure they follow optimum hygiene and sterilization care. Piercings can lead to major injury of the blood veins under skin. This can lead to excess bleeding and hospitalization. Make sure you carry out proper hygienic care during and after the process to avoid any infections.