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How to Pierce Your Belly Button

Despite the obvious risks, piercing your belly button yourself is not particularly difficult. Read on to know more about the procedure...
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
There are so many different types of piercings available today that sometimes it leaves you astounded to see people with the weirdest body parts pierced! Don't get me wrong here―sporting piercings is no crime, but too many at unusual places don't look appealing at all, and is a sheer waste of money, to my eyes at least. But yes, having one or two elegant ones is totally cool! Belly or navel piercing is one which I can't overlook. Those who are blessed with a sexy figure, perfect waistline, and toned belly can go for this, and flaunt it confidently! It definitely brings a lot of feminine seductiveness along with it―just what you need to show! Although belly piercing might not seem like a DIY project at first, it can easily be just that! It is very much possible to pierce your own navel at home safely.
As long as you follow the correct procedure and keep in mind that messing this up could cost you dearly, this process will be a cinch. But before experimenting, I would suggest that you seek help from a professional. S/he will definitely guide you through the process correctly. Another important aspect is, be sure you really want the piercing done. It is going to cause pain, not to mention the costs incurred and the healing time it requires, so be prepared for the same. Check and ask a few of your friends about it before you go for the actual procedure. After you are sufficiently confident, choose the jewelry you want to sport, and buy a good one.
Step #1
As per the requirement, gather all the materials you will require, which include the belly ring, alcohol pads, clamp, rubber gloves, body ink marker, and sterilized piercing needles.
Step #2
When you are ready with these materials, first of all clean the spot you are going to pierce, with bleach solution. Then, clean yourself in the area in and around your belly using alcohol pads. Meanwhile, dip the belly button ring in alcohol, so that it is totally bacteria-free when you put it in.
Step #3
Wear the rubber gloves and be ready with the piercing needle in your hand. If you are not feeling all that confident, you can have someone around while going about the procedure―someone who would support and help you in case you are tense.
Step #4
Take the marker and mark the position where you want the piercing to be done. Now, take the clamp, dip it in alcohol once and hold the belly tissue tightly at an angle for the piercing to be just perfect. If you want, you can numb the area by keeping a few ice cubes on it for a few minutes.
Step #5
Make sure that the needle is sterilized, and pierce the predesignated spot on your navel with it. Keep the needle there for about 1 minute before removing it. Do not apply too much pressure, and don't panic. Thread the jewelry through the hole so that it fits perfectly where you wish to place it. Do not forget to secure the ends properly after you are done. Cleaning the piercing with saltwater or alcohol is mandatory at the end. This will keep the area germ-free, and prevent infections.
Step #6
Now heave all that breath you had been holding in, because you are done with the challenging step! As a part of aftercare, make sure you are aware of the possible infections and scars that may develop. For at least 2-3 months, wear loose clothes. Do not touch the jewelry, and allow it to heal at the natural rate.
If you think this procedure is easy, go for it. However, professional piercing is always the better option, since inexperience can lead to rash actions that can cause dangerous infections and injuries.