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Belly Button Piercing Cost

The cost of belly button piercing depends upon several things like the price of the jewelry and the charges of the piercing studio. Read on to know more about this topic.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Body piercing has been in practice for several centuries. Various types of body piercings add glamor to one's personality. Belly button piercing is something that is profoundly rooted in the world of fashion. Navel is a part of the body that is naturally found sensuous by many, and hence, the idea of beautifying it with a piece of jewelry caught the attention of the fashion-crazy people. Getting a piercing is a stirring and chilling experience all together. Along with the pain, there are a lot of risk factors involved when it comes to getting your belly button pierced. As the skin around this part of the body is thick, the job of piercing it becomes extremely tricky.
Factors Affecting the Cost
There are a few contributing factors affecting the cost of this piercing. The first thing is the material which you choose for the jewelry. In most of the places, the jewelry that you choose to wear in the hole created is separately charged. People mostly prefer barbells, as they are cheaper and can be easily replaced later by rings, dangling pendants, barbells with belly chains, etc. The pattern of the jewelry affects the overall cost greatly.
Another thing to be considered is the material of the piercing jewelry. Various kinds of materials are used for the jewelry, like silver, gold, titanium, etc. The cost of these metals must be included in the overall estimate. To cut down on the cost, people mostly go for implant-grade stainless steel jewelry. People having hypersensitivity towards certain metals can also choose several other materials, like nylon or teflon for the jewelry.
Another important factor is the place where you get the piercing done, as the prices may differ greatly from one place to the other. Hence, you need to do a bit of research about the best place which can offer you reasonable prices and a professional person to perform the piercing. It takes an expert to do the job of belly piercing, and hence, my advice is to never go for a cheaper place just for the sake of saving money. Generally, a tattoo parlor is the best place for getting the belly piercing done. You just need to make sure that proper hygienic measures are taken.
Average Cost
Considering the above mentioned points, the piercing costs around USD 40-100. You can find a great variation in this estimate. If you are carrying your own jewelry, then you may have to spend around USD 30. Whatever the cost, make sure that you get the piercing done from a recognized and licensed shop. Usually, a tattoo parlor offers all kinds of body piercings too, and so is the best place for you to get a navel piercing done. Additionally, you may have to carry your birth certificate with you, just for the confirmation of your age. Never forget to take the adequate aftercare of the piercing so that the chances of infection can be negated.
So, in conclusion, you will have to pay anywhere between USD 40-100 for a navel piercing. The average healing period of this type of piercing ranges from four months to one year, if the proper aftercare is taken.