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Get Done the Artsy Double Nostril Piercing And Flaunt it in Style

Double Nostril Piercing
Are you considering a double nostril piercing for yourself? If yes, then perhaps you should read the following article to find as to what exactly are you getting into...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
In today's time, tattoos and piercings have become a part of life. Of course, as many things go in life, there will be cultures who accept this form of self-expressionism with open arms and others who frown upon them. Well, no matter what the society thinks, more and more youths are thinking of getting themselves tattooed and pierced at different parts of the body. But these body modification art didn't just appear on their own.
We have a long and rich past of humankind, regardless of culture, religion, and origin, that gives us evidence about the same. Piercing, our main topic at hand, has revolutionized the entire world. There is not one country, state, city, or town in this world that hasn't heard about piercing; especially piercing their nostrils.
And when more people are accepting its existence in society and their lives, it's no wonder there are new experiments being done with the old piercing styles. Before, not that long ago, nostril piercing became a sensual way to express one's identity. But as time would have its way, teens and 20 something have found a variant for their nose piercings.
I am talking about double nostril piercings. They add a little bit of mystery, excitement, thrill, and eroticism to the normal nose piercing, doesn't it? But what is this new piercing and how it's done? That's what we are here to discuss. We will learn about this new piercing in detail, find out what the procedure entails, and tips for aftercare.
Procedure for the Piercing
You can get this piercing on same side or on opposite sides; your choice. The decision of how this piercing is done rests entirely up to you. If you are planning on getting the double nose piercing on the same side, the piercer will take 2 jewelry studs of different sizes and pierce them slightly apart from one another. As for the piercing on either sides, well I don't really have to explain you how that would look like, do I? Having said that, let's go over the procedure for the double nose piercing on the same side of your nose.
  • The piercer will use an antiseptic solution and clean the side of nose where you want the jewelry.
  • Taking a marker, the piercer will then make two dots on your nose. Check to see if the space between both jewelry is fine by you.
  • A cork will be placed inside your nostril so when the piercing needle goes in, it won't be able to injure the septum.
  • Next, a sterilized needle is taken and he/she will pierce your nose where the mark is made.
  • After the first piercing is done, your piercer will remove the cork and cut the jewelry's wire.
  • The remaining wire will be bent inside the nose; and that's it.
First, you need to get one piercing done and let it heal. Although some piercers might just pierce both holes at the same session. However, if your skin is sensitive and/or you can't take that much pain, you are better off with one piercing at a time. Also, if you are a minor, you need to get your parent's or guardian's permission to get this piercing.
Aftercare for the Piercing
For the next few days to a week, your nose close to the piercing will be a bit swollen and tender to touch. So don't get tempted to touch your jewelry just yet as you can infect it. Also, a piercing on your nose can take about 2 to 4 weeks to heal completely, depending on your skin type and how well you take care of it.
Always wash your hands with antibacterial soap before you touch your nose. Clean the jewelry and skin near the piercing with a saline solution and/or mild antibacterial soap. If you find that there is some crusty pus around your piercing, while showering, try to clean it properly but don't tug or pull on it. Use cotton balls or a Q-tip to clean the skin and jewelry.
When you follow all the guidelines mentioned for the double nostril piercing aftercare, you can be sure to flaunt it with style. Remember, as with any other piercings and tattoos, always choose a professional piercer and tattoo artist. Don't rush into something you're not comfortable with just so you can fit in. A piercing, or a tattoo is a sign of individuality and you don't want to end up copying someone else.