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8 Heartbeat Tattoo Designs That are Worth Trying

8 Heartbeat Tattoo Designs That are Worth Trying
A heartbeat tattoo can be molded to make it an uber-romantic design, or it can be combined with a philosophy that is closest to your heart. Considering that it is one of the most profound designs that connects each and every individual, there is no dearth of what can be done with this design. In this ThoughtfulTattoos article, we will explore the many options that this design provides for us.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018
'With Every Heartbeat'―this sentence for a tattoo is probably the most underutilized tattoo design. People usually prefer to use a combination of a heartbeat with a heart.
It may seem like a simple, squiggly line drawn across a paper, but a heartbeat is anything but. Heartbeats signify life and the surge or the dearth of it. Which is why, it isn't surprising that many people incorporate this simple, yet, profound symbol into a tattoo.

Heartbeats are usually taken to signify something that is close to one's heart. So, while a single heartbeat is a very popular design for a tattoo, a combination with several other elements is a hugely experimented choice as well―giving us a glimpse into the philosophies/things that are closest to people's hearts.
In the remainder of this ThoughtfulTattoos article, we will look into the varied designs and pictures that can be used to make the heartbeat tattoo a really special one.
8 Heartbeat Tattoo Ideas
The One with a Date
Tattoo with a Date
This design can be used to ink an important event in the person's life. Most commonly―the wedding date, the day he proposed, or the day you said your first 'I love yous'. Of course, it does not necessarily have to be a couple thing, it could signify just about anything that is close to your heart as well.
The One with the Blurred Effect
Blurred effect tattoo
This tattoo design has more to do with the design or esthetic aspect―the blurred effect of the tattoo stands out in sharp contrast to the otherwise bold tattoos of the same kind. The meaning could change according to your personal choice, but a blurred heartbeat is usually taken as a sign that you've overcome something that was threatening to take you down.
The One in Different Colors
Colored tattoo
Imagine the kind of colors you can experiment with for this one! We've given you the red and the blue, yes, but also, have you looked at the one made in white ink? Isn't it simply divine?
The One that is Combined with a Word
tattoo with wordings
Something close to your heart? A philosophy that you truly believe in? Do it like this 'faith' tattoo up here, and you will have fused together two (or three) concepts that are very, very close to your heart.
The One with the Different Elements
Tattoo with  a heart and music symbol
How about a combination of different elements that are close to your heart? Fuse it with something that drives you, your inspiration and passion, or simply something that you truly believe in―much like these designs with a cross and music note.
The One that Features the 'Literal' Heart
Literal heart tattoo
Seems rather quirky, right? But then look how pretty it looks! Get one in the darkest dark shade of black, and it will stand out a lot more. This is so different than what people usually go in for that its bound to make heads turn.
The One with a Red, Red Heart
Red Heart tattoo
Of course, there has to be one with a red, red heart! What would this tattoo be without one? Granted, it's probably the most popular design, but one look at that bright red, shining heart, and you know why it is popular.
The One Sans the Heart
Tattoo without heart
And then there are those who prefer only a bold and strong heartbeat tattoo. Just that. Nothing else to take away from it or distract one with. This design needs no introduction―it is all-encompassing.
The Collage Full of Potential
collage of heart tattoos
There are scores of other designs that you can look into if you decide to get this tattoo. Like this image provided above, you can either choose the name of a beloved, or fuse it with the silhouette of your family. You could use varied combinations with a heart―with or without color―or you could highlight the philosophy of your life, like the design showcasing the 'Just Live'. There are several things that can be made extra special by combining them with a heartbeat design.
With such a wide range of designs to choose from, there is no dearth of options that you can choose from. So, what will it be then?
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