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Think Outside the Box With These Crazy Tattoo Ideas

Crazy Tattoo Ideas
Get on your back or get it on your thigh; have it intricate or have it simple; make it black and white or make it in splendid colors, getting yourself inked is one of the craziest experiences. If you want to make it more crazy, there are some really cool tattoo ideas offered by tattoo artists!
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Johnny Depp is like a brother to me. We have matching tattoos on our backs - Charles Baudelaire, the flowers of evil, this giant skeleton thing. It is kind of a secret. People say to us, 'Why did you get that?' And we say, 'No reason."
Marilyn Manson
People get tattoos for various reasons. There are various meanings associated with most of the common tattoo designs. Some might like to get a tattoo inked just to don a unique look. Well, this means having a unique design that not many would think about.

So don't be surprised if you see a crazy tattoo design inked over someone's body. Such individuals who love to be odd would be searching for crazy tattoo ideas that would suit their taste.
Crazy Tattoo Ideas
Peeping Tattoos
Gun and Stocking Tattoo
Skull Tattoo on Ear
These are amongst the most ultimate looking tattoos. These look very creative and flashy. These are basically the ones which appear peeping out of your outfits. Like a chest tattoo consisting of a dragon design that extends till the shoulders will have its face over the shoulder. When you wear a wide strapped top, only the tattoo face will appear, as peeping out of the top. Many guys get some crazy tattoos on chest which peep from their shirts. A spectacular and equally crazy option for girls would be that of gun and lace; as if you are being given a tantalizing glimpse of their skin.
3D Tattoos
3D Claw Tattoo on Chest
3D Butterfly Tattoo on the Back
3D tattoos look simply amazing and are a fave of many tattoo lovers. If you want something really flashy and unique, 3D designs are the best ones to opt for. These are undoubtedly the ultimate creation of the tattoo artists. If you check out the various images of 3D designs, you are sure to get surprised and appreciate the skills of the tattoo artists. From horror characters, till funky automobiles, you can choose to have whatever you find interesting to be a part of your skin.
Seen the scraped skin tattoos? These look just like you have scraped off your skin. Also the 3D tattoos that look like the skin is bulging out are just awesome. Those with classy shading that give a shadow image of the tattoo design are best ones to go for. These tattoos also give an appearance of pulled or twisted skin. Get a 3D lizard in vibrant shades of green and just check out the mirror. Well, the reactions of people are enough to tell you how real it's looking! Animal designs are popularly used for 3D tattoos. An entire spider web with 2 - 3 spiders on the palm is definitely a superb crazy tattoo idea. Lettering done with some crazy fonts that give a 3D effect on your forehead is another weird idea.
Face Tattoos
Tattoo of a Japanese Woman Holding a Fan
Tattoo of a Young Girl
Now, these can make you think, why and how can one get such a tattoo? But believe me, tattoo freaks love these. Many take the photos of their loved ones to the artists to have the same face as a part of their body. While getting names and initials are common choices, faces are definitely amongst crazy tattoo ideas. The madness doesn't just stop here. We know many tattoo aficionados who are totally enamored with geishas and goths and will jump at the first opportunity to adorn their bodies with them. Having horrifying faces inked on back of the head is a popular trend followed by many guys. What's more, some also get a tattoo matching their own face on a part of their body. One of the craziest ideas is to have such a face covering entire back. Well, try it to don an out-of-the-crowd look.
The aforementioned crazy tattoo ideas might just help you to just make you aware of such unique ideas. So, forget the common designs and think out of the box to get such crazy ideas. Share your ideas with the best tattoo artist in the city and get it inked over your body.
Art tattoo on male arm
Woman In Leather With Tattoo
Woman Doing Yoga Exercise
Brunette In Black Bra
Tattoo on female back
Woman body with tattoo