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Baby Name Tattoo Ideas

Baby Name Tattoo Ideas
Finalizing from various baby name tattoo ideas can be a tough journey, but worth taken. Before you get yourself permanently inked, read the following article for some helpful suggestions...
Sheetal Mandora
The immense joy and happiness of becoming a parent is incomparable. There probably isn't any feeling in this world that can match the excitement and calm a child brings to any individual's life. Almost every parent has his or her way of expressing and sharing this bliss with the rest of the world. Some do it by making announcements in the newspaper, others resort to inviting family and friends over for some quality time. Although these ideas are very interesting, however, there are certain parents who like to bring a whole new meaning to being a parent. Now before you get confused as to what I am talking about, we'll eliminate the mystery. Many parents, these days, are getting their babies names tattooed on themselves. Baby name tattoo ideas have really caught like wildfire and seems far from dying out.
Tattoos have always been a source of self-expression; and the feeling of that special and unbreakable bond between a child and his/her parent is magical. Even though you may not have had a tattoo before or perhaps aren't completely unfamiliar with this body art, getting a tattoo, any tattoo, takes a lot of research and smart thinking. More than anything else, the exact design, size, and placement of the tattoo has to be decided. So let us help you out here and get an understanding as to how you can go about getting your baby's name tattooed on yourself.
Design Ideas
There are several ideas for baby name tattoos and the way to select one for yourself will depend on the actual design. When it comes to tattoo ideas for kids names, there are few clich├ęs, yet wonderful designs to choose from. You can simply get your baby's name tattooed in a fancy font or opt for his/her initials. Another design idea is to incorporate the name in the shape of some animal or bird; this requires some excellent skills from your tattoo artist.
Many a time, you will see that people choose hand prints or footprints that represent their kids. You can also think of doing something like inking the name inside the prints or on its sides. Adding the birth date along with the name is again an interesting concept you can venture on. And if you would like to go one step ahead, why not use a foreign language like Hindi, Arabic, or Chinese to write your baby's name in. It surely will stand out in the crowd and get you a lot of compliments.
Exact Size
Regardless of which tattoo design you choose, the size of your tattoo will play an essential role. No matter what type of tattoo you get, the size always matters. Have you ever seen someone with a tattoo that is so big that you thought that they must be out of their minds. Doesn't a huge, larger than life tattoo just scream at you? That's the same case with a small tattoo as well. When a tattoo is too small to identify or even make any sense, it can be really frustrating. Which is why, you have to be very careful as to the size of your tattoo. The size of the tattoo actually goes hand in hand with its placement selection. For example, if you are getting the tattoo on the inside of your wrist, then it will be sensible and more practical to get a smaller font with not too many designs or embellishments around it. So think hard before you finalize the size of the tattoo and consult with your tattoo artist.
Tattoo Placement
The placement of a tattoo depends entirely on the individual who is getting the tattoo done. Of course, there are certain areas on the body where both men and women prefer to get themselves inked, but if someone wishes to experiment with different locations, that's completely up to them. The only think I will say here is that make sure that you don't pick a location which is "inappropriate". The reason why I am saying this is because think of the tattoo you are getting. Your baby's name will be there and you don't want a location where you can't show it to him/her. Plus, you want to showcase your tattoo and make it look alluring.
Some of the popular locations for men and women are inside of the wrist, either of the shoulder blades, lower back, ankle, upper arms, nape, between the shoulder blades, around the belly button, or the ring finger. As you can see, there are literally tons of choices when it comes to placing the tattoo. In the end, all there's left to decide is where exactly are you planning to get the tattoo done.
While thinking about different tattoo ideas, let your imagination run wild. And if you feel that you're all out of ideas, why not search for some images over the Internet or better yet, speak to a trusted tattoo artist in person. I'm sure they will be more than happy to help you find the right tattoo that suits your personality and wishes.
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