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Wiccan Tattoo Ideas

Wiccan Tattoo Ideas
Wiccan was an ancient pagan religion which believed in living in harmony with mother nature, and their tattoos represented this belief. Wiccan tattoos consist of pentagrams, the sun, the moon, the goddess, etc...
Indrajit Deshmukh
Getting a tattoo based on the beliefs of an ancient religion is very enigmatic and can make people around you curious. Like any good tattoo connoisseur it is advisable that you too understand the Wiccan religion before getting a tattoo. Wiccan religion believed in peace and harmony, they worshiped many Gods and Goddesses. The crux of this religion is the belief that if you harm others, then it will come back to you three fold.
Worshiping God and Goddess meant that the Wiccans believed the duality in nature and completely accepted it. Wiccans also identified themselves with the four elements and often inked the representations on their bodies. Another alluring aspect of this religion is that they strongly believed in freedom and following their will but without harming anyone. Wiccans practiced magic and performed spells and many confuse this with witchcraft.
Wiccan Tattoo and their Meanings
The pentagram is one of the best Wiccan tattoo ideas, especially because it truly represents the Wiccan belief. The four elements are represented in the four points of the pentagram and the fifth point represents the spirit.
There are some variants of the pentagram that you could opt for.
  • Open Pentagram : Individuals with an outgoing personality can opt for this 5 pointed star minus the circle. You can get it with a bold border and also add color to the edges for a personal touch.
  • Closed Pentagram : Getting a 5 pointed star in the circle of life is another tattoo idea that you could contemplate. This closed pentagram represents eternity, to give it a personal touch you can ink your name around the border.
  • Inverted Pentagram : Getting an inverted pentagram is considered to represent inner struggle. Getting the inverted pentagram in colors like red and black shading borders is a good idea.
In the Wiccan culture the Triquetra represents the three domains, the earth the sky and the sea. This symbol appears in many religions like, Christianity, Celts, Norse, etc. Some also believe that it represents the roles of the goddess as mother, maid, and crone. Whatever your belief system the triquetra is a very mesmerizing tattoo idea. You can get this design along with a sun and moon tattoo or independently done in light green shade along the entangled lines.
Horned God
One of the most intriguing Wiccan tattoo ideas is the horned God, it is an epitome of masculinity. One way to depict is with showcasing a powerful ram's skull with attention to detailing. You can also show a full moon with another crescent moon for a crown to represent the horned God. The use of color like orange and bright red in this design is quite popular. It looks great when inked on the bicep or shoulder region.
The Goddess
As the religion believed in worshiping, God and Goddess alike, you can go in for a Goddess tattoo. One of the most powerful Wiccan symbols is that of a goddess made out of different shaped moons. One way to ink this tattoo is to have a full moon in the middle with one crescent moon on each side. Another way to get this done is with three crescent moons entwined in each other in perfect harmony.
The Green Man
It is shrouded in mystery and there is no clear indication to what the green man represented. It is depicted as growth of mother nature in the shape of man emerging out of foliage and bush. You can make the design intriguing by showcasing a man and woman emerging out of the foliage as if to represent the origin of mankind.
If you have set your mind on getting a Wiccan symbol, just make sure that you choose an artist who will do justice to the design. One last thing, ensure you visit a parlor which has a reputation for maintaining high standards for hygiene, otherwise you risk catching an infection.
Vector of Moon
Horned Deity Grunge
Pentagram Tattoo