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Shoulder Blade Tattoos

Shoulder Blade Tattoos
Shoulder blade tattoos have higher visibility and look extremely trendy. There are a lot of options available in terms of designs for a tattoo on this area. If you want to have one on your shoulder, here are some awesome ideas.
Mamta Mule
If you are simply fascinated by tattoo art, but confused about the right place for having it inked, then your confusion ends right here. Shoulder blade tattoos are what you can opt for. There are a lot of options for designs that would look just perfect on this area of the body.
These have higher visibility, and at the same time, they can be hidden easily if required. Guys usually have the design extending towards the arms or over the entire back. Girls can don spaghetti straps and flaunt their tattoos. These are a fave for women during the summers, because of the way they spice up the exposed skin. Some girls also opt for an entire length horizontal tattoo running from one side to another.
Perfect Placement
Now, most of you would be wondering where exactly a shoulder blade tattoo must be placed. Actually, some people consider the shoulder as a part of the arm, while others consider it as a part of the back. While the shoulder joins the arm with the torso, a shoulder blade tattoo is always a part of the back and not the arm. The flat area on the upper back just over the scapula is the right place for getting a shoulder blade tattoo inked. You can get a tattoo on either of the shoulder blades or both of them as well. Some also prefer to get a tattoo between the two shoulder blades.
Wondering about the options available? Here are some ideas. The curve of the shoulder blades give you the best option of having an angel wings tattoo. If you are planning to have tattoo on both shoulder blades, this is the right design for you. Chinese tattoo characters are much popular for the tattoos on areas between the shoulder blades. Also writing a single-line message, which can be anything about your personality, style of living, etc., is a commonly opted-for design, that runs from one shoulder blade to another. Tribal tattoos are popular among boys. Beginners can opt for a small butterfly, flower, or star tattoo on one shoulder blade. If you love Celtic designs, you can opt for large designs, and preferably extend those towards the arms or down the back. Shoulder blades are perfect for almost any tattoo design; the thing you need to consider is its size and colors. Though colored ones look graceful, a single colored tattoo will also look cool and equally beautiful. Shooting star or zodiac tattoos are very popular among young girls. A vine tattoo on the shoulder blade is also one of the most chosen designs by girls.
With the wide range of choices available in designs, you are sure to opt for one. Then what are you waiting for? Just go to the best tattoo artist, choose the design, and have it inked.
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