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Lower Back Cover Up Tattoos

Lower Back Cover Up Tattoos
Sometimes a tattoo of the past seems unwanted and redundant. That would be the time you'd want to get a cover up tattoo done. But what and how? In this following article we will take you through some of the issues related to this topic and give you ideas for the same.
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Passions were high and a tattoo on the lower back, it seemed right. Adoringly you looked at it 20 times a day, even more. A sigh with each passing, a casual caress. With his name forever etched on the back and a reminder of your love for him, a high it really was...and then 3 years later when he was no longer a part of your life, the tattoo still stuck. It mocked, didn't cajole, and made the feeling even worse. No, that won't work. Something would have to be done and fast. But what? Now while you can get a rather painful, not to mention expensive laser therapy done to get rid of that tattoo on the lower back, might I suggest a simpler and less expensive option to look into? A cover up tattoo. A cover up tattoo is exactly what it sounds like, it covers up an already existing tattoo and helps to thereby get 'rid' of the same. But it's not as simple as it sounds and you need to know exactly what you're doing. Let's help you out then and give you ideas of what can be done in this direction and how to go about this whole deal.
Getting a Cover Up Tattoo - Things to Consider
Getting cover up tattoos for lower back is a choice that needs to be made after careful consideration and a thorough knowledge of what one is getting into. Here are some things that you need to know before getting that lower back cover up tattoo.
Ideally the Original Tattoo Should be...
For the cover up tattoo to come out looking good, it works in the best of interest if the original tattoo is light and completely healed. It does not hurt if the tattoo is small in size. The cover up tattoo will need to be at least 20-50 percent bigger than the original to cover it up well. Of course it does not mean that if these two prerequisites are not fulfilled, this plan won't work. It depends on the expertise of the cover up artist and what you decide to get.
An Expert Cover Up Artist Has to...
Not every tattoo artist is an expert at cover up assignments. It takes a completely different set of skills to be able to take something and turn it into something of an art. Not only does he have to be able to work with limitations, but also needs to have very unique ideas that can be molded to suit the tattoo at hand. He also has to have the ability to understand what will suit a person and what will not. Sometimes he also needs to convince his clients if they have a bad choice or have a fixed idea in mind and he knows it will be a disaster.
He has to also be able to take up a challenge that allows for mixing a tattoo and not simply covering it. This means that by the end of the task, the old and the new tattoo have to share the same layers of skin, and the pigments of both have to match perfectly. Only then will the new tattoo look good, without making it seem like a cover up job or one of those shabby looking lower back cover up tattoos.
A tattoo artist has to be an expert in being able to shift the focus from the old tattoo to a completely new one. This has to be handled carefully so that the focal point is no longer the old one.
Black is Not of the Essence...
Many people believe that the only way in which a cover up tattoo works is if there is a profusion of black ink used. Absolute myth. In fact exactly the opposite stands true. The deal with black ink is that it makes the scarring of the previous tattoo clear as daylight, thus leaving no doubt about the fact that it is a cover up job. Other than that, if the old tattoo has traces of black in it then both the shades can mix about to create a very patchy final piece. The potential that different colors and the usage of outlines has is something that only a tattoo artist will be able to understand.
Selecting Lower Back Tattoos...
Before you take any decision, you need to first consult an expert artist on the same. Make sure that you have researched the artist well and are sure of his capabilities. You can draw up some of the cover up tattoo designs that you have in mind and discuss the same with the artist. Only he will be able to guide you best on whether the designs that you talk of are feasible or not.
If you go through some before and after pictures of the cover up jobs that have been done (on the net), it will make one thing clear - Anything can be done and a completely new tattoo made up. Converting a name to a design, a design to a tribal art form or even animals, flowers, heart tattoos, Celtic name it and there it is. It can be done. Of course the artist has to be an expert.
Lower back cover up tattoos and all that you need to know about them, all presented in this article, right here for you. All you do now is find a great artist, discuss the ideas that you have with him, understand what he has to say, see if you like it and then go and get it done. Sounds good?
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