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Labret Piercing Aftercare

Got a labret and don't know exactly how to take care of it? A few simple, useful tips from this article and you're good to go!
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Labret piercing is a piercing that people get done near their lips, but above the chin. There are several types of labret piercings such as the snakebite, spider bite, and vertical. You may be surprised to know that this piercing was famous among the male members of the Mayan civilization; it symbolized a high status. However, today it is considered to be a symbol of self-empowerment by both men and women. As it is a unique type of facial piercing, you should get it done only by a professional. Given the proximity of this piercing to the mouth, it is very important that you clean the piercing daily, specially if you've just got it. Aftercare for this type of piercing is really vital; make sure you follow all the tips.
Aftercare Tips for Labret Piercing
The healing process can last anywhere between 3-6 weeks. However, chances of infection and other problems continue for an entire year after the piercing is done.
  • During the first few days, you might notice swelling in the piercing area. This is considered normal; you can reduce the swelling by placing clean ice on the area.
  • The most important thing is to clean the piercing area regularly. As the first three days are considered most crucial, you must clean this area 2-3 times daily, during these days. Wash your hands before handling the piercing to reduce risk of infection. Clean the piercing area with an antimicrobial soap.
  • After three days, you can reduce the cleaning process to once a day. Apart from the antimicrobial soap, soaking the piercing in saline solution will also quicken the healing process. However, never use things like alcohol, tea tree oil, Epsom salts, table salt, neosporin, etc., on the piercing area.
  • Food particles are likely to get stuck near the piercing which can give rise to an infection. Hence, it is extremely crucial to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash after every meal. Buy a soft-bristled toothbrush, with which you can brush your teeth without irritating the piercing.
  • Do not apply makeup near the piercing during the healing period. Also, make sure you remove the plaque dispositions regularly near the jewelry to prevent any kind of infection.
  • Alter your eating habits for a few days. Initially, it would be better to avoid foods that are hot, spicy, acidic, or salty. It will be better to stick to cold foods like ice cream, fruit juices, etc., which are easy to consume. Also, consume little food at a time as you may accidentally bite onto the jewelry with bigger morsels.
  • Apart from food, it is also important to avoid tobacco products like cigars and cigarettes. It would also be better to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages for the first few weeks.
Follow these instructions religiously so that your piercing heals well and in time. Do not try to change the jewelry during the first year on your own. Also, healing tendencies differ from person to person. Don't panic if it takes more than 6 weeks for your piercing to heal.