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Butterfly Wrist Tattoos

Butterfly Wrist Tattoos
If you wish to have smaller, yet, beautiful tattoos, then butterfly wrist tattoos are just for you. Presented below is information on the various meanings associated with the butterfly tattoo along with some ideas.
Madhura Pandit
Some years ago, tattoo making was common among men than women. However, today, tattooing is equally popular among men as well as women. There are a few tattoos that can be classified as masculine or feminine designs. However, there are certain designs that are more favored by men while some others are favored by women as they suit their personalities. Butterfly tattoos are such designs that are more favored by women, and hence, are considered as feminine tattoo designs.
Tattoo Meaning
Well, there are several deeper meanings and symbolism related to the butterfly. The simplest and the most basic meaning is that it stands for beauty, grace, and good will. The sight of a colorful butterfly always gives pleasure and happiness to the viewer. Rarely will one find a person who does not get charmed by the butterfly. As butterflies are naturally blessed with vibrant colors and beauty, they are very attractive and charm the viewers.
However, apart from these meanings, in some cultures, a butterfly stands for transformation. We know that the life cycle of the butterfly begins by being an egg, then a larva, and later a butterfly. Therefore, it is an excellent example of metamorphosis. Those who wish to bring a change in their life or have already changed their course of life, usually get a butterfly inscribed on their body. Secondly, in some cultures, it is believed to be divine as carries the soul of the dead person to the heaven. With all these symbolism and meanings associated with the butterfly, one is sure to want to have it inscribed on the body in the form of a tattoo. This tattoo is usually made in smaller size, and the wrist is the best place to have it.
Tattoo Ideas
One may not be aware but nearly thousands of varieties of butterflies are known to man today. Therefore, if you have decided to go for this tattoo made, you can simply research a bit, and make a tattoo similar to its natural form. As butterflies are naturally found in different vibrant colors, one can definitely have a simple yet attractive tattoo. You can also include flowers, vines, or climbers along with the butterfly.
If you wish to have unique tattoos, then the Celtic designs, with their knots and complicated patterns, are the best ones. They are usually made in black or navy blue colors. On the other hand, if you wish to personalize your tattoo, then you can add names, initials, short verses, etc., to the tattoo. You can have your or your loved ones' name inscribed on the tattoo alongside the butterfly.
Another way, you can even have a couple of butterflies fluttering together or around a flower. One of the advantages of having a butterfly wrist tattoo is that it is smaller in size and can be easily hidden. It will never be looked down upon.
Butterflies are the simplest and best tattoo designs for women and girls today. This tattoo design will never go out of vogue, but, will always be considered 'in' for its beauty. So, if you have decided to have a butterfly tattoo made, do not hesitate, simply go for it.
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