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How to Cover Up a Wrist Tattoo

How to Cover Up a Wrist Tattoo
There are times when you want to hide your wrist tattoo. Well, here are some tattoo cover up ideas that will be helpful to you.
Madhura Pandit
You love the art of tattoo making and also believe in it. You browse through a number of tattoo designs and come up with one of the best ones that suits your personality. You want a tattoo that is dainty, classy and not at all showy. Therefore, you wish to go for wrist tattoo and have your favorite design or text inscribed around your wrist. These days, the wrist is one of the most popular places to get a tattoo done and you are very proud of your tattoo. However, you are about to go for a corporate interview or a meeting, where you definitely know that your tattoo will be looked down upon. Alternatively, it may also be that you had inscribed the name of your beloved on your wrist and now, you are no longer together. In either of the cases, you can follow these methods to cover up your tattoo.
Tips to Hide a Tattoo on Your Wrist
As I have mentioned in nearly all of my tattoo articles, tattoo making and tattoo removal is a painful process. In fact, tattoo removal is a far more painful process and hence, is usually considered a last option by many. Even if you face any of the above mentioned situations, or something that is altogether different, you need not go for tattoo removal. There are several easy steps that can be used to cover up a tattoo. The following are some of the most useful methods to cover up a wrist tattoo.
  • The best option to hide a tattoo is to wear a long sleeved shirt or dress. For men, it won't be a hazard, but make sure, you do not unbutton your cuffs at the wrong moment. Women can consider wearing long sleeved shirts with or without suits for business purposes, and to conceal wrist tattoos. Women can also wear long sleeved dresses or mimic Jackie Kennedy by wearing gloves with evening dresses.
  • Wearing jewelry is another way to cover up your wrist tattoo. Wearing a chunky bracelet can help hide a wrist tattoo. Similarly you can also look for antique bracelets as they are large in size and will definitely cover up a wrist tattoo. If not, wearing wrist watches with a large band is also a good option.
  • Another idea for covering up a wrist tattoo is using cosmetics or make up. A combination of a concealer, foundation and powder can make up a wonderful 'tool' to cover up a tattoo. Apply a thick concealer, top it with foundation and finally, end up with some translucent powder to cover up or hide your wrist tattoo completely.
  • Now, lastly, if you have to cover up the tattoo to get rid of the embarrassment or memories of the failed relationship, then you can consult the tattoo artist and ask for cover up tattoo designs. Text tattoos can be modified to mean something else. You may know when Johny Depp's relationship with Winona failed, he modified his tattoo 'Winona Forever' to 'Wino Forever'. On the other hand, initials on the wrist can be covered by a bracelet tattoo with intricate design, or by a larger colorful tattoo design. Secondly, flower tattoos, bracelet tattoos, cross tattoos or zodiac sign tattoos are some of the best wrist tattoo designs that can be used to cover up older tattoo or text tattoo.
The self help methods can be carried out at home; whereas for a cover up tattoo, you need to consult a certified tattoo artist. Lastly, if none of these methods work for you, you can consider going for laser tattoo removal. However, the laser tattoo removal is an expensive procedure and hence, not many people opt for it. So, think before you go for it.
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