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Foot Tattoo Swelling

Foot Tattoo Swelling
Slight swelling after getting a foot tattoo is common and nothing to be afraid of. However, if the swelling isn't going down in a day or so, there could be serious issues of blood clot or infection in the area. Here is a ThoughtfulTattoos article that will give you details on the topic.
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Foot tattoos look very beautiful, sensual, and attractive. So, more and more people, particularly women, are interested in getting a tattoo done on their feet. However, the healing time can be significantly long, considering the placement and size of along with the work done on the tattoo. It can range between a few days to a week or two. Once the tattoo is complete, the possibility of inflammation is high. The entire foot, including the toes and ankle, can get swollen. It is maximum in the area surrounding the tattoo which can turn red, and is sensitive to the touch.
Why Does the Swelling Occur
When you have decided to get a tattoo on your foot, you should be mentally prepared to experience more pain followed by swelling as there are several nerve endings and capillaries present. They are not cushioned with muscles like in other parts of the body. As a result, you will feel increased amount of pain and perhaps bleeding. The greater the amount of bleeding, the higher the chance of swelling. This is one part of the body where blood circulation is not adequate and is, therefore, susceptible to a lot of stress which makes it prone to swelling.
If you wear shoes and socks, heat, sweat, and friction worsens the situation further. So, definitely avoid it until the tattoo heals. It's better to wear footwear that won't cover or touch the tattoo. And of course, most of the time, our feet are exposed to dirt and pollution which also makes it more susceptible to infection.
Prevention is Better than Cure
◆ If you are planning on both your feet inked, do it one at a time. This is because after the process is over, walking on your newly inked feet will be tough for a few days. Which is why, getting both feet tattooed is not a great idea.
◆ Get the tattoo done when you know you can rest the next day or two. This way, you can avoid wearing footwear that will cove the tattooed area. Also, if you work at a place where you have to stand a lot, or have to go to school, taking a day or two to adjust to the tattoo is necessary.
◆ Ask a friend or family member to drive you to and from the tattoo parlor. Your foot will be sore which makes driving a car afterwards a risky task.
◆Follow all the guidelines and instructions given to you by your tattoo artist. Remember how often you need to change the bandaging and the cleaning process as well. Also, don't forget to apply the ointment suggested to you by your tattoo artist.
◆ Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices in order to reduce edema.
◆ Once you reach home, lay down on bed or couch with your tattooed foot elevated high on a few pillows. If the tattoo hurts or is throbbing, take an ibuprofen or apply ice to keep the pain and swelling at a minimum.
◆ Under any circumstance, NEVER scratch, peel, slap, rub, or pick your tattoo. Stay out of direct sunlight, and no swimming in a pool or at the beach. Avoid soaking baths and hot baths.
◆ While at work or school, try to keep your tattooed foot elevated for as long as possible. Avoid wearing shoes and socks; wear footwear that won't touch the tattoo.
◆The morning after, you might wake up and feel that it's difficult to balance yourself properly on your tattooed foot. It's perfectly normal, but make sure you take it easy and not overexert yourself.
◆ As we mentioned earlier, minor swelling and redness is common. However, if you find oozing or skin that is hot to touch, get your foot checked by your health care provider.
◆In a few days' time, you should try to engage yourself in mild aerobic exercises as it will get your heart pumping and increase blood circulation to the entire body (and your feet).
The swelling can keep going up and down at particular intervals. One morning it may seem that the swelling has gone down and the next morning you may find that it is hurting too much. Keep a close watch on the swelling to check out for any infection.
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