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Facial Tattoo Design Ideas

Facial tattoos look extremely trendy. If you are a tattoo lover and want to experiment this, here are some ideas for you.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
With the tattoos becoming a trend that is commonly followed, almost all ideas, designs, and placement options for flaunting these have been explored. From the tiny tattoos on the ankles till the complete back tattoos, tattoo lovers have tried almost all of these. While each one has his/her own choice when it comes to placement, face is an option that many love for getting a tattoo inked over. With maximum visibility, these definitely show off your boldness while you have one. If you are ready or planning to have a face tattoo, here's more for you.
Tattoo Placement
Well, you have a number of placement options for these tattoos. One of the popular placements for women is the temple. Another popular option is eyelid. The most popular idea of having tattoos for men is on the entire head. Men also prefer to have tattoos on cheeks and cheek bones. Some love to have these on the forehead. Ear tattoos are a great option for those wishing to have a facial tattoo that is less visible. Women also opt for chin tattoos which consist of delicate designs to have a beautiful look. One of the feminine tattoo ideas is to have pretty designs behind or below the ears. People also opt for lip tattoos.
Tattoos for Men
Tribal tattoos are the most commonly opted tattoos by men. Many even get their entire face covered with these tribal designs. Colorful or black ink, both are popular choices for whole face tattoos. Another choice of many guys is the checker board tattoo usually inked on the head. One of the funkiest looking tattoos for men are those that cover just half of the face. Checkerboard is again a popular choice for this. The Celtic tattoo designs are also inked by many for the perfect tattoos. The skull tattoos for entire face are also highly popular amongst men.
Tattoos for Women
The smaller designs are quite popular amongst the females for face tattoos. The shooting stars or even a single star or butterfly tattoo is commonly done as a temple or chin tattoo. These also look great when inked below the ears. Wine tattoos are also a perfect option for a design around the ear.

Eyeliners, eye-shadow, blush, lip-liner, or lipstick; girls just can't do without these make-up accessories. How about having a tattoo that will give you an appearance as if you are wearing the make-up? This is actually possible with a face tattoo. What's more, you can have this in various shades, even a complete black to get an extreme look.
Tattoos for All
Lettering tattoos that have a really wide range of options are also a classic choice for this visible area. Lettering tattoos, meaning a quote, a single word, or a single alphabet are best ones to express yourself. You can have these on neck or on the jawbone. Many also get their head shaved and get a tattoo covering on their entire head. Women often don the funky punk hairstyles and get their shaved head tattooed. Two face tattoos, where the back side of your head is tattooed to form a weird or clown face is also popular.
While some find the face tattoos a non-convincing idea, some believe that it's an extremely cool fashion. After all, tattoos are a personal choice and one must definitely think twice before they get one inked due to their visibility factor. So, are you ready to flaunt those unique tattoos?