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Eyebrow Piercing Care

Eyebrows are the second most common areas for body piercing, next to ears. With proper eyebrow piercing care tips, you can ensure safe healing of the wound, without any risks of infection.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
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Eyebrow piercing is a fashion tip to remain in style and enhance your looks. Usually, it is done in a vertical fashion; the popular trend is to pierce above the eye and end at the edge of the eyebrow. As per individual preference, this fashion accessory can be sported anywhere along the length of the eyebrow. Presence of hair follicles in the piercing area can cause pain while inserting the jewelry. Hence, prior to conducting the piercing procedure, the piercer may remove hair from the site.
If conducted by a professional piercer, eyebrow piercing is safe and less problematic. Since eyebrows are exposed areas, piercing in this site takes less time to heal completely. No doubt, an eyebrow piercing is one of the safest procedures as compared to other types of body piercings. But, it is essential to understand the various ways to take care of such a piercing.
Instructions for Care
If you think wearing an eyebrow ring or a carved barbell looks cool, then of course, you can go it. However, like any other facial modifications, eyebrow piercing should be taken seriously. You can talk to your family members and friends and take their opinion regarding your decision to have your eyebrow pierced. Also, you can gather information about the risks associated with this type of piercing by consulting the professional piercers. If you are still fascinated with wearing eyebrow piercing jewelry, take a look at the following ways for a quicker heal:
Handling the Piercing
Frequent handling of the eyebrow piercing is the most common reason for inducing infection in the site. In order to minimize the risk of infections, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water, prior to touching this piercing or ring.
Applying Facial Makeup
While applying creams and makeup, make sure you do not touch the eyebrow piercing. Otherwise frequent irritation of the pierced site can cause swelling and at times which may even lead to bleeding. Also, makeups may cause infection in the eyebrow piercing area.
Cleaning the Piercing
Cleaning the pierced site is one of the most important aftercare tips. You should clean the pierced site for at least 3 times a day and every time, after you indulge in activities that may cause dust and dirt accumulation in the pierced site.
Washing the Pierced Ring
The eyebrow piercing ring and pierced site should be washed daily with antibacterial soap and water. You can make use of a cotton swab to remove any crust formation in the area. After washing, pat the area with an absorbent tissue paper to keep it dry. Apart from handling the ring during washing, do not touch or play with the ring.
Applying Salt Water
Salt water treatment of the eyebrow piercing fastens the healing process. Prepare a saline solution by adding one tablespoon of sea salt (not iodized) in a cup of clean water. After the salt dissolves in the water, dip a clean cotton ball, and apply it on the eyebrow piercing. Hold the cotton ball for about 10 minutes to remove crust present in the pierced site. You can also heat the salt water solution to a bearable temperature, dip the cotton ball, and apply the warm solution on the pierced skin area.
Applying Lavender Oil
Similar to saline water soaking, applying lavender essential oil shortens the healing time of this piercing. Dip a cotton ball in lavender oil and apply it every time after you clean the pierced site. Or else, you can practice this for two times a day until the wound is healed completely.
Related Infections
Because of the hair follicles present in the eyebrow, piercing in this site is susceptible to infections. If there are any signs that indicate related infections such as continued redness, inflammation, pus formation, and discharge from the wound, consult the doctor as soon as possible. If left untreated, infections at eyebrow piercing can lead to cyst formation.
With proper care for piercing the eyebrow, you can prevent any skin infections or other painful symptoms. While sleeping, ensure that the pierced side is faced up. Also, try to avoid using public swimming pools and spas till the wound is healed. If you follow the above tips for care, then it will definitely heal within 6 - 8 weeks.