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Black Light Tattoos

Black Light Tattoos

Are you bored of regular tattoos and are in search of a unique way of getting inked? Then you should opt for a black light tattoo. Read the following article to know more.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Black light tattoos or UV tattoos have zillions of admirers all around the globe. These tattoos are made with UV reactive ink. If the entire tattoo is carved with this special ink, then it is impossible to see it in a non-UV environment. They are invisible in normal light, although some scars from the tattoo gun can be seen. They become visible under black or UV light.

Getting a tattoo done is a serious decision. You need to be ready to accept that a permanent design is going to be there on your body until you get it removed.

  • Reports show that there are many cases where black light tattoo inks have cause low or no reaction at all.
  • Usually UV tattoos are invisible, which makes them popular among people from all walks of life.
  • The most common UV tattoo ink producer has been Chameleon tattoo ink. Chameleon UV tattoo ink does not contain phosphorus or other radioactive substances which cause harmful reactions to human skin.
  • There have been claims that Crazy Chameleon UV ink contains 97.5% polymethylmethacrylate, which contain 2.5% of fluorescent dye. Polymethylmethacrylate, which is popularly known as PMMA is used in a number of medical drugs and is neutral.
  • Only few varieties of these inks are available in the US. UV tattoo inks are generally not checked by the FDA and are not always safe.
  • It is more expensive than the cost of a regular tattoo.
  • Some people have also had reactions of skin due to the ingredients present in the ink.
  • Studies also show that these inks may cause allergies and, in extreme cases, skin cancer.
  • Some UV inks can also cause the tattoo area of the skin to change its color to light brown or yellow.
  • Majority of tattoo artists avoid this form of getting inked due to the medical complications involved. Many skin experts too do not encourage the same.
  • The composition of Chameleon UV ink is not approved by the FDA. Tattoo inks don't fall under check category of the FDA. However, FDA has approved tattoo inks for marking fish and animals from wildlife that are newly discovered or that enter the animal food chain.
  • The main concern is the ink's application. Many tattoo artists don't know how to use it correctly. Companies manufacturing black light tattoo inks instruct that they must not be mixed with regular tattoo inks and must be applied under a black light.
Price Range and Colors

This form of tattooing is more expensive than the regular method and they cost around $75 to $150 depending on the size of the tattoo. The price range also depends upon the complexity of the design and from where it's being done. The colors range from purple to white, again it all depends on your choice.