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Aster Flower Tattoo

Aster Flower Tattoo
Anything that a person tattoo's on his/her body has a significance to it. Aster flower tattoos are cute and romantic flower tattoos that are highly symbolic.
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Tattoo is a body art that is popular since the eras of the most ancient cultures of the world. There are several tribes that place tattoos as the biggest ritual of their social system and religiously follow them as well. Every tattoo design, let it be Celtic tattoo or tribal tattoo, has its own significance and own special story. This makes the tattoo design all the more attractive for the next generation.
There are some people who really don't have anything to do with the meaning of the tattoo and its history. They just get attracted towards the innate beauty of the tattoos and get them engraved on various body parts. When we talk about feminine tattoos, we can never end the topic without discussing about the flower tattoos.
They are utterly feminine and can be as good as the real ones (only without the scent, of course!). Women and girl tattoo aficionados are simply crazy about the flower tattoos. There are many different types of flower tattoos that are popular among the youth, for example Hawaiian flower tattoos. Some of the most popular tattoos are rose tattoos, sunflower tattoo, lily flower tattoo, daisy tattoo, and charming aster flower tattoo.
The history behind this flower dates back to the times of the ancient Greece. It is said that once the beautiful Greek goddess Asterea cried looking at earth and finding no stars on earth. Her tears rolled and fell on earth turning into the beautiful aster flowers that we find clustered all over the earth.
The tattoos of these flowers are very popular as they are the birth flower of the 9th month of the year, i.e. September. So, people born in this month get this flower tattooed on their body. This tattoo is also popular among people who are just completing their 20th wedding anniversary. It also symbolizes various pleasant emotions, like love, beauty, daintiness, valor, wisdom, and courage. It is a symbol of subtlety and strength both at the same time.
Tattoo Ideas
This tattoo is one of the best foot tattoo for women, as they are very artful and feminine. They are very delicate and fragile type of designs and can be tattooed in any size, be it small or large. Some of the most popular places are on the feet, on the shoulders, and on the back. It is also very popular on the sides when the flowers are combined with the vine tattoos on side torso.
A single tattoo looks beautiful when it is interlocked with several other feminine designs like vines, other flower tattoos, butterfly tattoo designs, and some fruits like cherry and grapes. These can be unique designs that seem very attractive and appealing to today's youth. Some people also prefer to get this tattoo along with some other flowers that stand for birth month of her other family members.
The aster flower is very beautiful with its numerous varieties and so are these tattoos. If you are brave enough to bear the pain, why not think over getting yourself an aster flower tattoo.
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