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Tragus Piercing Cost

Tragus Piercing Cost
It is hard to pinpoint a specific amount because the tragus piercing cost depends upon a number of factors. The following article may give you some idea regarding the same.
Kalpana Kumari
The piercing that is done on the small cartilaginous flap in front of the external opening of the ear is called tragus piercing. It is one of the most followed trends these days. It can be done by both men and women. It causes you comparatively less pain and discomfort than the other forms of body piercings. As you are searching for information on tragus piercing cost, it indicates that you wish to get it done on you but are concerned about the cost.
It is possible to perform tragus piercing at home. However, to get satisfaction and the best results, you should get it done by a professional. It is generally done with a small 18 gauge hollow needle. However, the professional may even use a curved needle to puncture the tragus. Before he starts with the actual task, he will put a small cork on the opening of the ear canal to prevent entry of unwanted particles. The piercer will clean the tragus and the area surrounding it with a surgical scrub. He will then mark spots on the outside and inside with the help of a surgical pen. These spots are the points where you wish to wear a piece of jewelry.
He will take a needle and sterilize it with alcohol. He will put it on the outside marked spot and try to pierce the skin from this point. The tragus cartilage is quite thick, so the piercer needs to apply more pressure while piercing as compared to other types of body piercings. While the piercer is working on you, you need to keep your head stiff. An ideal way of doing so is to lie down on your back. Once the piercer is able to make a hole in the tragus, he will insert the jewelry through it. The small cork catches the tip of the needle while it passes through the cartilage.You have a wide range of jewelry available that you can choose from. For your knowledge, rings with beads suit a tragus piercing the most. They are not only attractive to look at, but also give you a stylish and trendy appearance. It is important for you to spend some time in selecting a nice piece of jewelry, one that makes you look and feel good.
It is difficult to pinpoint how much a tragus piercing costs, as a number of factors decide the cost. One of them is your location where you are getting the job done. Needless to say, the cost is high in big cities and low in small towns. Also, if the locality of the piercing studio is posh and classy, you have to pay a few bucks extra than average. Thirdly, it depends upon the experience of the professional who will be working on you. Considering all the given factors, you may have to spend anywhere between USD 15-50 to get this type of piercing done. The cost is also affected by the type of jewelry piece you wish to wear.
From the present article, you might have got some idea about the cost of tragus piercing in your city. Search well for an experienced professional, and go to one with a good reputation. An experienced piercer is most likely to perform the task the right way, and save you from myriad of its negative consequences.