Truly Awesome Nautical Star Tattoos to Sport on the Chest

Nautical star tattoo meaning
Nautical star tattoos are usually sported by those who are employed by the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps. These tattoos look majestic and very classy, due to which they have gained immense popularity with body art aficionados. Given in this Buzzle excerpt is some background on these tattoos, and tips on how you can design them, if you plan to ink them on your chest.
As a symbol of bravery ...

... two nautical stars are worn on the chest by 'sea heroes'.
Nautical star tattoos have a very long and interesting history. Most people believe them to be a symbol of hope, good luck, strength (mental and physical), protection, ambition, and perseverance. They are considered to be originated from sailors, who relied on the North star, for navigation in the sea. Since they thought this star ensured their safe trip home, they believed it to be a lucky charm.

Due to the popularity of the nautical star with sailors, this tattoo design became popular with soldiers, and later on the common man. This design became immensely popular with time, and also because of the publicity it got through punk rockers and its association with the gay and lesbian movement.

A nautical star tattoo is a five-pointed star, with each arm divided into two symmetrical parts by a straight line. These stars make amazing chest pieces, but are also sported on the arms, wrists, ankles, feet, shoulders, back, legs, and ribs. The beauty of this tattoo design is that it can be customized in various ways and in different colors. Given below are some ideas that you can incorporate if you are contemplating getting this tattoo done.
Design Ideas
Nautical star with compass
★ Some sailors would customize their tattoos by inking a compass with the nautical star as a pointer on their arms or chest.
Two nautical stars
★ Two stars, one on each side of the chest are usually sported by those who are serving the United States Navy. The two stars symbolize the port side (left side of the ship, which is represented by the red and black star) and the starboard side (right side of the ship, which is represented by the green and black star).
Nautical star with wings
Nautical star with fire
★ Stars with wings, fire, or even water incorporated in them are very popular with tattoo enthusiasts. One can also add delicate filigree around the star to give the tattoo an artistic touch.
Celtic nautical star
★ Celtic knots in the arms of nautical stars have also become popular, as they are a mix of cultures, making the tattoo unique.
Shooting nautical stars
★ Stars with flowers and wines or even a bunch of shooting stars, are preferred by women because they look feminine and delicate.
Nautical star with rays
Nautical star with name
★ Nautical stars with names, quotes, morals, short sayings, etc., are popular with men and women, as they look amazing and meaningful. Even those with rays in the background look good.
Nautical single star black tattoo
Nautical star tattoo bunch
★ Nautical star tattoos on the chest can be kept simple or be made into elaborate pieces. You can use the color of your choice for the stars, or even choose to keep them black and white.
Nautical star with birds
Nautical star with music note
★ Nautical stars with birds, music notes, hearts, and flowers also look amazing. The best part about opting for these is that you can color them the way you want.
Nautical star with anchor
Nautical star with cross
★ The size of the tattoo can vary depending on your choice. Large, medium, or even small tattoos look great on the chest. Nautical stars with elongated arms, or even those paired with other old-school designs like a cross, compass, anchor, rose, etc., look classy and eye-catching.
No matter how you choose to sport this design, it will look really good. Tattoos are an art, so each one's perception on them is different. Remember to sit with your tattoo artist and discuss the design thoroughly before you get it done. Choose designs depending on your personality and style. Have a look at many designs and finalize the one that clicks with you.