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How to Swim After Getting a Belly Button Piercing

Have you recently got a belly button piercing? Well, we're sure you are loving the hot piercing, but are you curious to know whether or when would you be able to step into the pool for a swim? This ThoughtfulTattoos article tells you how to swim with a belly button ring.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Belly button piercing is one of the most popular types of body piercings. While body piercings are no longer restricted to hippies and fashionistas, you can find many teens and and even elderly ladies getting the most happening body piercings to show off their sense of style. Well, once you get the hot navel piercing done, aftercare can't be ignored. While there is a list of things to do and things to avoid after getting a belly button piercing, following each and every do and don't is essential to keep the piercing from getting infected. Swimming is one activity that needs to be avoided for a certain duration of time. Later on, you can enter the pool but need to follow certain precautions to avoid an infection.
Swimming After Belly Button Piercing
The following sections will give you some tips on how to swim with a belly button ring. Take a look.
Can you Swim?
If you are wondering whether one can actually swim with a belly button ring, the answer is yes, you can! Getting a belly button piercing does not mean that you cannot swimming with it on. But you need to essentially wait for the piercing to heal off completely before you start swimming with it. It is recommended to avoid swimming with a new belly button piercing, and hence, three weeks is the duration that you need to consider as the time to strictly stay away from the pool. Later on, you can follow the tips so as prevent an infection and enjoy your splash in the pool.
How to Swim?
After waiting for a month, or at least for three weeks, you can get ready to step into the pool. But, make sure that you don't forget to follow the instructions mentioned below before stepping inside the pool.
  • Covering your body piercing with a waterproof bandage is one of the best ways to avoid an infection. The professionals at the body piercing studio can recommend you the best brand and also tell you the right way of covering the piercing. Make sure you remove the bandage carefully to ensure that the piercing jewelry is not pulled off or the area is unhurt. Cleaning the piercing after removing this bandage is an essential step to be followed.
  • You need to clean the piercing daily using a sterile cotton bud or other disinfected material. Wet the area using plain warm water. Now put a few drops of antibacterial liquid soap on the belly button. Take the cotton bud and rub it lightly to form a lather. Make sure you clean the area very slowly and thoroughly including the piercing jewelry. Now thoroughly rinse the area with plain water so that no residue of soap is left behind.
  • Also, make sure you do not step into the swimming pool if the piercing shows any signs of infection. Even in case of redness or pus, you must completely avoid swimming.
Other Aftercare Tips
To ensure that the piercing heals faster and you get to enjoy swimming much sooner, you can follow these tips to accelerate the healing process. This mainly includes application of ointments that will help speed up the healing process. Natural oils like lavender oil and tea tree oil are also known to benefit. You can consult your piercing professional for knowing the right quantity and frequency of application of these essential oils or any other healing ointment. Make sure that you avoid spas and hot tubs until the piercing heals completely to avoid infection.
Taking aftercare measures and precautions suggested by your piercing professional are the best ways to care for a recently done belly button piercing.
Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.
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