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Hippie Tattoos

These are the Most Popular Design Ideas for Hippie Tattoos

The rich hippie culture has been followed worldwide. Just like their lifestyle, their ways of thinking must also be adopted by one. Getting hippie tattoos done can be a good way to support their ideology.
Aakash Singh
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Hippie tattoos personify the 1960s' hippie fashion, the era when they were established. It has the ability to take you to flashback of the past culture, their revolt, their ideas towards life. The hippies had a typical look. Their attire included floral shirts, especially of tie dye psychedelic swirl designs, the eminent bellbottom pants, which may be torn or faded, long hair, beard, crocheted hats, headbands, big glass, et al. They often expressed themselves as peace lovers.
Tattoo Designs
The flamboyant nature and appearance of the hippies can be seen in their tattoos. They are great looking friendly designs which convey peace, love, and nature. The designs today often resemble the era of the 60s. Bright colors, floral designs, psychedelic swirls, doves and hearts, smiling faces, and butterflies, are some of the distinguished designs. These tattoos are not only colorful but are meaningful too.They are mostly done on the shoulders, back, lower back, underside of the wrist, ankles, and feet. The peace sign is amongst the unique designs. You can use your imagination and get them in various patterns, colors, or the universal black and white.
Floral designs are the trademark of these tattoos. The flower used is mostly the daisy. The designs, patterns, and the colors used here are bright and vivid. They are sparkling, beautiful, look attractive and symbolizes their love for nature. It would be interesting to know that the term "flower child" identifies the hippies.
Some other designs include famous sayings or messages. Few of their popular sayings are listed below. The underside of the wrist is the most popular place to get these tattooed on, apart from the back or the lower back.
  • Peace
  • Groovy
  • Hip
  • Love
  • Right On
  • Flower Power
  • Free love
  • Power to the people
  • Give Peace a chance
  • TTOW (that's the only way)
  • Flowers are a girl's best friend
  • Without hope we have nothing
Hippies were recognized with their flashy colorful clothes, long hair, and of course with the typical peace sign (making a V-shaped sign with the index and middle fingers of the hand). Their revolution revolved around the use of drugs to get to a different level of satisfaction, wild music, and sexual freedom. Their doctrine of life was opposed by many moral societies. They were involved in drug abuse and consumed marijuana, LSD, cocaine, as these were easily accessible during that time. With the invention of the birth control pill, they got freedom to experiment sex with multiple partners, especially the females sans the worry of pregnancy. Of course, these things are something not to be followed.
Hippie tattoos are cool as well as native. There are many things to learn from this ethnic group. We all must not divide ourselves and get us isolated from each other. It's important for one to learn the philosophical ways of life. You need not wear flamboyant clothes, grow your hair and beard to follow what they preach. It must be cultivated from within.
Tattooer showing process of making a tattoo on young woman
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Butterfly Tattoo
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