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Ghetto Tattoo Designs

Understanding the Symbolism of Ghetto Tattoo Designs

Ghetto tattoos are very famous with the ghetto community in America, and are made to support their beliefs. Read this Thoughtful Tattoos article to know more about these tattoos.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Ghetto tattoos commonly refer to the tattoos made by the ghetto community. This community lives in a part of the city, which is dominated by a minority of civilians. The causes of their minority are social, legal, and economic pressures, due to which they prefer living with isolated people. The ghetto community generally has very strong beliefs in certain issues, and the tattoos represent these beliefs. Because of their free and loose upbringing, they are bold and fearless. They don't care about the consequences, and thus make very daring choices for their tattoo designs. These tattoos have been in practice for a very long time now, and are gaining fame with many non-ghetto persons who are simply tattoo fans or ghetto supporters.
✦ Pit Bull Designs
pit bull tattoo
This is a very common design in ghetto tattoos, as pit bulls stand for strength and principles. It is a beautiful art form, which is quite challenging for the tattoo artists to get. A pit bull tribal design with lightening at the background is very unique. Pit bull faces with banners flaunting certain phrases or slogans are also very common. A Rottweiler with flames is a very appealing tattoo design, being a very bold illustration. Likewise, a simple pit bull with a name or a phrase written in calligraphic text can stand for a strong survivor of the social and communal barriers.
ghetto tattoo phrase
Some designs include various symbols that are very casual or irrelevant, but are simply choices of certain ghettos. These symbols can be as random as a bio hazard symbol or a radioactive symbol. It can be a bullet or a car with the checkered denoting a supporter of the F1. There are many biblical symbols used as tattoos too. Written in bold text, these designs can include a, "Father Forgive Me" or "Only God can Judge Me", and many other phrases like these.
✦ Others
ghetto tattoo gun
Ghetto tattoos also include a number of pervasive illustrations of the human form, as they do not care about the expressions. They have mermaids and women tattooed on their arms and backs to flaunt them publicly. Some have offensive phrases and words inked to express the disrespect in certain issues. The "smile now cry later" faces are also very famous with these tattoo choices. They have tribal tattoos accompanied with different tattoo designs, which they use to support their beliefs. Guns, marijuana, cross tattoos, angels, radio systems, Gothic structures, and many more such designs can be used as tattoo designs.
Many ghettos are extremely religious, and support Christianity very strongly. Their choices include praying hands tattoo designs, Jesus tattoos, the cross with wings, Mother Mary tattoos, biblical tattoos, etc. They even have verses from the bible inked on their body parts as a denotation what they believe in. These tattoos can be inked on any part of your body. They are most preferred on the back, lower back, neck, arms, legs, wrists, chests, stomach, pelvic region, and the hips. These tattoos are worn by both men and women, but sometimes differ with choices. Men often go for the macho designs, and women like to have butterfly and flower tattoos along with stars and heart tattoo designs.
Whatever your choices may be, these tattoos represent standing up for what you believe in, and boldly flaunting it with the art of tattooing. If you are a survivor, go get that ghetto tattoo right away!
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