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Gangsta Tattoos

Gangsta Tattoos
The popularity of wearing gangsta tattoos is growing, especially in teenagers and youngsters. Look here to get inspiration on some terrific gangsta tattoo designs.
Stephen Rampur
Earlier, gangsta tattoos were only worn by prisoners or gang members of a community to identify themselves as belonging to a particular group. But nowadays, gangsta tattoo designs are being worn by the younger generation and teenagers. Such tattoos are being flaunted by both boys as well as girls. These tattoos are popular for giving the person a tough appearance and personality. Enthusiasts and personalities from the hip hop culture are generally seen sporting these tattoos.

There are many areas on the body where these tattoos can be shown off. Generally, gangsters prefer to wear these tattoos all over their bodies. However, you can wear them on your back, chest, behind the neck, arms, shoulders, forearms, face, or even fingers. Since their main intention is to provide a rugged look, you can wear these on any part of your body. A majority of people prefer to wear gangsta tattoos on their shoulder and arm, as it is a prominent place to show off art, when putting on a sleeveless jacket.
Gangsta Tattoo Ideas
Typically, there are three types of gangsta tattoo designs―tribal, skull, and lettering. Tribal tattoo designs can be blended together with other designs to make a gangsta tattoo. Skull and crossbone tattoos naturally depict death or rudeness, which is mostly related to gangstas. So, you will find many gang members wearing skull tattoos.

A good tattoo can be a name, made into a tattoo with a harsh pattern. The name can be anything such as your favorite gang name, your loved one, your personality or quality, your gangsta name, etc. You can even get a tattoo with the face of your favorite gangsta or mafia. Gun and ammunition tattoos are other suitable one's for gangstas, as they have a living with guns, knives, ammunition, bullets, and other dangerous items; these tattoos show the background of their lives.
man with gangsta tattoos
Back And Arm Tattoo
Some Sample Tattoo Designs
gangsta facing back tattoo design
colorful gangsta tattoo design
gangsta skull smoking with guns tattoo
Skull Wearing Bandana Holding Pistols And Banner
gangsta girl tattoo design
simple gangsta tattoo for women
West Coast Love
gangsta in city tattoo design
Graffiti Themed Illustration
intricate gangsta tribal tattoo design
Urban Gang Emblem With Brass Knuckles
Fighting Club Emblem Tiger Eye Labels Badges Logos Monochrome
gangsta face for tattoo-
guns and skull gangsta ink
Some Unique Ideas
You can infuse other elements to your gangster design to make it more intricate and meaningful. Here are some ideas for the same.

✦ Snake tattoos are one's which portray the dangerous street lifestyle of gang members. Variations of snake tattoos can be worn throughout the back or on the sleeve.
✦ For the fighting spirit of gangstas, a tiger or lion tattoo design is also appropriate. You can even combine these tattoos with tribal designs and patterns to make them more intricate.
✦ A grim reaper tattoo is a symbol of death, and shows the horrific side of the individual.
✦ Angel tattoo designs can also become a part of gangsta tattoos. An angel tattoo can show that the person does have a soft side behind his gangsta-like personality and attitude.
✦ Teardrop tattoos below the eyes are a symbol of repentance of the person who has killed people. The number of tear drops below the eyes show how many people the person has murdered.
✦ Another good design is cross tattoos, which just make a statement of style or repentance from turning away from crime.
You have a wide range of choices, when it comes to selecting gangsta tattoos. As you can see that these tattoos relate to the rough and tough lifestyle of criminals and gang members, you can make your own tattoos accordingly, similar to the street lifestyle.