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Butterfly and Flower Tattoos

Butterfly and Flower Tattoos
The scientific definition of a tattoo is a permanent inscription made on the outer layer of skin to change the pigmentation by inserting unerasable ink. Reasons for getting a tattoo can vary from person to person. Some of the tattoos that symbolize feminism are butterfly and flower tattoos, so read on to know all about their significance and designs.
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Tattooing is one of the oldest traditions practiced around the world in communities of Japan, Africa, New Zealand, North and South America, Cambodia, Taiwan and many more. These tribal tattoos in the olden days signified spiritual beliefs, talismans, bravery, slavery, authority, sexual lures and love or even marks of fertility. Today tattoos don't serve a cultural purpose, they are just used as style quotients, identifications to certain groups or sometimes for sentimental reasons.
The female form signifies beauty, grace, elegance and of course, sensuality. For this reason most women, when they want to get a tattoo, opt for butterfly and flower tattoo designs. Let's take a look at what are the cultural beliefs behind getting butterfly and flower tattoos.
Butterfly and Flower Tattoo Designs
A butterfly is a beautiful creature and can be a great tattoo option because of its striking color and design. A flower, as everyone knows is the ultimate symbol of the divine beauty of youth, that has to end. Getting flower tattoo designs would make you feel forever young. Both a butterfly and a flower have a number of cultural interpretations and influences and have their own individual significance but when merged, they give the tattoo a completely new meaning.
A butterfly fluttering over an Iris or a lily stands for the combination of female beauty and purity with innocence. The butterfly and flower make a stunning combination of colors and are an easy design to make. These designs are opted for, by a lot of tattoo fans because of their uniqueness.
Butterfly and flower tattoos can be inked at various places on the body. As they are elegant and beautiful, a woman would like to flaunt it. The shoulder, upper arm, lower back, abdomen, pelvic region, ankles and the neck are preferred areas where you can get these tattoos. A useful tip, while getting a tattoo is to make sure you get it on the fleshy part, and not on the bone as that can be painful. Size of the tattoo can vary with the colors. If you are getting a tattoo on the neck or the ankle, the size should be small. If you want one on your back or the arm, getting a large, swanky colorful butterfly sitting on a pretty flower would be perfect.
Significance of these Tattoos
The shape of a flower is generally compared to gentleness and grace of the female form. Each flower has its own unique significance.
  • The iris and lily symbolize the Holy Trinity and the white and blue colors of the flower symbolize Virgin Mary as a sign of purity.
  • The violet has its originality in Greek mythology and signifies unfailing love.
  • The lotus symbolizes clarity of the mind and heart.
  • The daisy stands for innocence.
  • An orchid means love, beauty, strength and luxury.
  • The hibiscus flower symbolizes delicate beauty.
  • A sunflower stands for enthusiasm and fun.
  • A rose stands for love and romance.
Similarly, a butterfly in different cultures symbolizes many things like
  • A butterfly symbolizes the beauty of mother nature in an African tribal community.
  • In Chinese culture it symbolizes rebirth and souls of the dead returning to the earth.
  • In Germany it means the omen of birth.
  • In some cultures it symbolizes fragility of life, uniqueness, innocence, freedom and femininity.
  • Nowadays butterfly tattoos also mean beauty, grace and sensuality.

Butterfly and flower tattoos together in these cultures have a variety of meanings but no matter what they mean they will always look beautiful and graceful.
When you are getting a tattoo, it is always advised to get it from a reputed tattooist as hygiene matters. The instruments used should be clean and sterilized to avoid any kind of infection. Once you get a tattoo, you should keep it clean; after all, it is an injury made to your skin and it will take time to heal.
I hope this article helped you in gaining an insight into the different types of butterfly and flower tattoos. Tattoos are a great way of expression, since they symbolize various things. A tattoo can stay with you for a lifetime, so don't hesitate to get one.
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