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Sleeve Tattoo Designs

A sleeve tattoo or a tattoo sleeve covers the arm or the leg just like a sleeve. There are many designs available for arm sleeve tattoos, ones that you would love.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
One of the most common placement of tattoos is on the biceps, or on the arms. We generally call them arm tattoos. However, they are ideally known as sleeve tattoos. Any tattoo that is done on the arm or leg, and covers a significant area, just like a sleeve, is called a sleeve tattoo. There are mainly three different types in these tattoos; full, half, and quarter sleeve tattoos. The tattoo which covers the whole arm or leg is known as full sleeve. Similarly, half sleeve designs cover the hand, from shoulder to elbow, or from elbow to the wrist. On the leg, this tattoo design is made from thigh to knee, or from knee to ankle. Quarter sleeves are the smallest as they cover the area between the shoulders and biceps. Generally, one whole tattoo is preferred for sleeve designs, but you can also connect two or three small tattoos to make a combined bigger tattoo.
Beautiful Sleeve Tattoo Designs
Tribal Tattoos
Tribal sleeve tattoo
Tribal designs are certainly in high demand! There are a couple of reasons for it, one being the black ink used to make these tribal tattoos. This thick, black ink makes tribal tattoos stand out. Another reason is that these tattoos cover a large expanse, which make them the first choice when it comes to arm sleeve tattoos. This is because it is easier to have one single tattoo from shoulder to wrist than connecting several small tattoos. Polynesian tattoos are one of the most preferred types of tribal sleeve tattoos. There are several styles of Polynesian tattoos like the Samoan, Maori, dragon tattoo, Hawaiian tattoo etc.
Japanese Tattoos
Man with sleeve tattoos
Japanese designs are also quite popular. However, besides dragon tattoos, there are a number of sleeve tattoo designs available for both, men and women. Some of the most popular designs are:
Koi Fish Tattoos
These tattoos are particularly popular with women as the koi fish tattoos have a blue water background, with a dazzling orange koi fish on it. There are many koi fish tattoo designs available today. These tattoos are not only famous for their color, but also for their meaning. Check them out, and you'll surely love them!
These tattoos are specially popular among men. It is obvious that a dragon sleeve tattoo design depicts an entire dragon. It is generally made in black color, but if you want to make it look more ferocious, you can have it made in red and black, and orange too.
Hannya Masks
Hannya mask designs are symbolic representations of evil-looking women, who are believed to be demons. Hannya masks have a lot of importance in the Japanese culture as it is believed they ward off evil.
Samurai tattoos look royal. The designs depict a samurai fighting a battle against the evil. This is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of this tattoo among men. Today, samurai tattoos are one of the most common arm sleeve tattoos in Asia.
There are a few other Japanese designs, such as the floral tattoos, or even the cherry blossom tattoos, which are famous among women.
Celtic Tattoos
Young stylish tattoos man
Celtic designs are done in spirals, knots, loops, and triangles. The knots and the spirals form an intricate design, and symbolize never-ending circle of faith and love. One of the latest Celtic sleeve design is the 'Claddagh'. The Claddagh features a heart, which is crowned and held by a pair of hands. It is one of the most popular tattoos for women.
Floral Tattoos
Tattooed woman using phone
Last but not the least are the flower tattoos, which are the first choice of any woman. Bright colors can be used in floral tattoos. You can also feature vines along with flowers. Along with flowers and vines, you can also include butterflies and/or cherries in your floral tattoo. This design is also famous because it can be done right from the shoulder to the wrist.
Now you can have the most beautiful sleeve tattoo with the help of these designs! But do not forget to take good care of your body art.
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